The belt conveyor belt is made of rubber, silica gel, PVC, PU and other materials. In addition to the transportation of ordinary materials, it can also meet the transportation of materials with special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-static. The use of special food-grade conveyor belts can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.


1. The total length of the fuselage L: There are parallel type, inclined wall type, and climbing type;
2. Body height H/H1: The inclined wall type is divided into high-end H and low-end H1. The height on both sides can be fixed or adjustable. The parallel type has only one fixed height;
3. Bandwidth W: belts of different widths can be customized according to buyer’s needs, and belts of different materials can be selected;
4. Fuselage load: The overall load of the fuselage (KG) determines the motor power;
5. Belt speed: calculate the number of meters per minute (m/min), which determines the size of the inverter; 6. Material: aluminum or iron profiles can be used for the body, and plastic cups or casters can be selected for the base.

Uses/benefits of Western Corn Belt Hog

High precision, high loading capacity with hard mask gear(2 to 3 times more than soft mask gear)long service life ( reach 10 years)compact construction and small floor space (reduce above 50%)light weight and small volume (reduce 50%)specially vertical driving construction, more used in mining delivery machinery under coal mine well. 

Features of Western Corn Belt Hog

. A wider range of material can be handled which pause problems in other transportation means. Belt conveyor can be used for abrasive, wet, dry, sticky or dirty material. The lump size of the transported material is limited by the width of the belt. Belts up to 1400 mm wide are used in mining industry.

2. Higher capacity can be handled than any other form of conveyor at a considerably lower cost, ton/km. Conveyor belts with capacity of 11000t/h and even higher can be deployed to match with higher capacity mining machinery.

3. Longer distances can be covered more economically than any other transportation system. A single belt conveyor or a series of belt conveyors can do this. Belt conveyors can be adopted for cross-country laying.

4. By the use of many forms of ancillary equipment such as mobile trippers or spreaders bulk material can be distributed and deposited whenever required.

5. Many other functions can be performed with the basic conveying like weighing, sorting, picking, sampling, blending, spraying, cooling, drying etc.

6. Structurally it is one of the lightest forms of conveying machine. It is comparatively cheaper and supporting structures can be used for many otherwise impossible structures such as crossing rivers, streets and valleys.

7. The belt conveyor can be adopted for special purposes (fire resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high angle negotiation etc.) and can be integrated with other equipment.

8. It can be horizontal, incline or decline or combination of all.

9. Minimum labour is required for the operation and maintenance of belt conveyor system.

10.In underground mine transport, belt conveyor can be used in thin seams as it eliminates the rock works that might otherwise be required to gain haulage height. Moreover, belt conveyor can provide continuous haulage service from pit bottom to the surface.


Technical Parameters of  China professional supplier specialized cheap PVC green corn belt conveyor for grain transport
Belt Width(mm)Capacity(m3/h)
Belt Speed(m/s)

Prices of Western Corn Belt Hog

$500.00-$10,000.00/ Set

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