As the largest land animals alive, you’d probably expect elephants to eat a lot. And you’d be right; the number of calories one elephant can eat in a day could sustain a person for months, no jokes. So what do elephants eat to grow into such huge animals? If you’re interested in finding out more about what elephants fill their humungous bellies with you’re in the right place. Read on for the definitive guide to what elephants eat.

Elephants are considered herbivores, which means they do not eat meat. Instead they snack on vegetation such as twigs, shrubs, bushes, and leaves. They’re also known to enjoy fruits and tree bark. Other animals, like lions, tigers, and cheetahs, are a few carnivores that eat meat. Elephants are herbivores

Elephants are what’s known as herbivorous animals. Know what this means? Let’s double-check:The word herbivore comes from the Latin word herbivora. In Latin, herba means “a small plant or herb” and vora means “to eat”. So herbivores are animals that eat only vegetables and/or vegetation.

Elephants Feed Entirely On Naturally Growing Plants And Shrubs.

Whatsoever, elephants adapted themselves to live on the green leaves nature grows on her kind breast and drinks from her eyes, to be specific from nearby water bodies. For choosing such a vegetarian diet the internal environment of their body and their outer eating parts started to transform. Now, an elephant has flat teeth to grind the leaves and tusks to rip the bark off from a tree.

Do you know the teeth of elephants are continually replaced from time to time? That’s why they are called polyphyodont. Elephants are mammals but don’t grow teeth just like us. We grow baby teeth and then replace them with permanent adult teeth.

Now, quickly get the details of an elephant’s daily diet. It is going to be too heavy. If you own a pair of glasses, clean it with ease.

Elephants Eat Too Much!

Elephants can eat an average of 150-160 kg of food in a day! Yes, in a single day. Do you know how much water they drink? An elephant drinks an average of 40-45 liters of water in just a single day. Yeah! They can drink gallons of water.

The amount of food they eat depends on various factors, like the environment of their habitat, food availability, and other biological needs. In hot areas, an elephant drinks more water than an elephant living in a reasonably average temperate region. In some places, elephants have to struggle in search of water. In those cases, they drink a huge amount of water to compensate for the loss of water from their body.

Why Do Elephants Eat That Much?

Elephants are not tiny animals that they can eat a leaf and sleep all day long. The huge body of an elephant needs an analogous amount of food. Otherwise, they cannot survive. However, the nature-mother has provided for all of us. Then why should they eat less?

Elephants eat an average of 150 kg of food and 40 liters of water per day, for the following reasons:

They need a lot of energy to sustain themselves.

They generally cover long distances per day. Moving 15-30 km with such a heavy body needs sufficient food for their survival.

In dry regions, natural water is scarce. Elephants living there drink a lot of water to keep them hydrated and to store enough water in their body for their next trip.

Here’s the main reason for an elephant eating that much. The majority of the food an elephant eats goes undigested. Without digestion, their body is always in an energy-crisis. That’s why they eat a huge quantity of food to make up that loss. However, the digestion process lasts up to a day. There is no way out. They have to wait for a long day before refilling their belly again.

What Do Elephants Eat In The Savanna?

In Savanna, elephants eat weeds like Rubber Vine, Mesquite, Prickly Pear, etc. They also eat different parts of the trees available in the Savanna region. Trees like Acacia and Bushwillow are also preferred by elephants.

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Do you know baby elephants eat their mother’s dung to digest their food?

Here’s another important fact before parting. Do you know an elephant sleeps 3-4 hours a day? They take a nap just like us, at night under the starry sky of Africa or in the jungles of Asia.

Do Elephants Eat Meat?

No, elephants are herbivorous animals. They are strict vegetarians. Meat is not on their diet list. Carnivorous animals like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards eat meat.

And that’s your lot for the elephant’s diet. Did any of these facts on what elephants eat surprise you, or any relevant facts you think we should add? Please do join in using the comments section below!

Given their large size, you can probably guess that elephants eat a massive amount of food. In fact, because they are the biggest land animals in the world, the amount of calories an elephant consumes in a 24 hour period would be enough to sustain a human being for several months.

While we know elephants eat a lot, you might be wondering “what do elephants eat?”. This question is a bit more tricky to answer if you aren’t an expert in these magnificent animals. Thankfully, in this article, we’re going to answer this question and more!

Considering their size, elephants cannot be picky when it comes to food in order to keep their energy up. They will eat anything from leaves, twigs, bark, roots, fruits and flowers. In fact, they will eat anything if it’s nearby vegetation.

Otherwise, they drink water from any nearby body of water. In the hotter regions, they use water to regulate their body temperature and cool off. Excessive amounts of water are required to keep them hydrated daily. While the plants of the different regions may vary, elephants generally eat the same things.

Are Elephants Plant Eaters (or ‘Herbivores’)?

Are you familiar with the eating patterns of elephants? Believe it or not, they are herbivores – let’s dive into what that means.

The Latin word “herbivora” means “to eat a small plant or herb”’. That means herbivorous animals only consume vegetables and other forms of vegetation. An elephant’s diet consists of plants and shrubs.


If you’ve read this article, then you should be able to answer the question ‘what do elephants eat?” whenever someone asks you. As you can see, elephants consume a lot of food and a wide variety of it as well.

The simplest way to describe an elephant’s diet, though, is to say they are ‘herbivores’. Unlike other animals in the wild — who are carnivorous, meaning they consume meat — elephants like to chow down on plants and fruits.

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