To keep your shrimp healthy and happy, you need to provide them with a nutritious diet. As omnivores, they will eat plants and animals, but they also have a high nutritional requirement. If you want to feed your shrimp pellets, then it’s important that you choose one that is formulated specifically for them, otherwise they may not get the nutrients they need. There are many different types of pellets available, so be sure to check what ingredients are in the food before you buy it.

Some people choose to feed their shrimp live food such as brine shrimp or mosquito larvae because it’s much more natural for them than processed foods like pellets. While this can be beneficial for their health, many people prefer not to use live food because it’s difficult to find and store safely at home.

What Do I Feed My Shrimp

You might wonder what to feed your shrimp. There are a few different options available. Some common choices include Phytoplankton, Crusta Spinach Stixx, and Borneowild. However, there are also some risks associated with these choices. For example, large amounts of protein can disrupt the metabolism of shrimp, leading to illness and possibly death.


If you are trying to raise a large number of shrimp, phytoplankton can be a very beneficial supplement. These little green creatures are abundant in water bodies and provide an excellent source of nutrition for shrimp and other aquatic creatures. They can also benefit your pond’s water quality and are good for your shrimp’s health.

However, there are some concerns associated with relying on phytoplankton for feeding shrimp. First, they can cause disease. If the shrimp aren’t healthy, the phytoplankton can lead to various illnesses and diseases, including Vibrio nigripulchritudo, which can kill the shrimp. Second, unstable phytoplankton communities can adversely affect the shrimp’s appetite.

Phytoplankton is small algae found in oceans and lakes. They feed on other aquatic organisms and produce a lot of oxygen. They also cycle most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These microscopic creatures are known as zooplankton, and they eventually become food for larger secondary consumers such as shrimp, fish, and crabs. There are two main types of phytoplankton, flagellates, and diatoms.

Once harvested, phytoplankton culture can be stored for several months. To preserve it, you should store it in the refrigerator. You can harvest it every seven days or so, depending on how dense the culture is. To prevent it from spoiling, sterilize the surfaces of the culture bottles.

In the experiment, we observed differences in phytoplankton community composition in both crops. The rank abundance of phytoplankton in the first crop was higher than in the second. Phytoplankton in the second crop increased by more than double. Interestingly, the phytoplankton community composition increased from week seven to week eight while it decreased from week five to week nine. We also found that the MRA of the second crop was higher than the first.

If you have a shrimp tank, Phytoplankton is a great source of nutrients for the fish. The shrimp will eat the majority of plankton if they are a part of their diet. Moreover, shrimp are important to our environment because they scavenge dead organic matter and remove detritus.

As a hobbyist, you can save money on phytoplankton by growing it yourself. Although culturing phytoplankton requires specific lighting and aeration conditions, the process is easy and cheap. Even a beginner can grow a large mass of fresh phytoplankton.

Krill are crustaceans related to shrimp and serve an important role in the food chain. As a whole, phytoplankton is made of many different types of organisms. Plankton includes bacteria, algae, and protozoa, as well as jellyfish and some cephalopods.

If you have a shrimp tank, you should feed it with plenty of green algae. This is important because shrimp feed off of algae. Without algae, shrimp would not have much to eat.

Crusta Spinach Stixx

Nano Crusta Spinach Stixx is an excellent food supplement that is easy to feed your shrimp. The product is formulated from shrimp water and aquarium water, making it an ideal food for your invertebrates. Before feeding your shrimp with Spinach Stixx, remove the breather bags from your shrimp. This will allow water to drain out and will prevent the shrimp from getting stuck in the breather bags.

You can purchase the product from reputable brands. One of them is Dennerle Nano Crusta Spinach Stixx 1 W. You can also purchase the product from desertcart, which is the best online shopping site in the world. This site delivers the largest selection of products from all over the world, with the quickest shipping times.

Crusta Spinach Stixx contains all the vital substances and vitamins that shrimp need to stay healthy. This product is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It is also made of 100% natural spinach. Moreover, it contains essential nutrients, which are essential for shrimp growth and healthy shells.


To feed your shrimp, you can choose from a variety of food options. For example, you can choose to feed your shrimp Mosura or Borneowild. These two foods have a long shelf life and will hold their shape even after being submerged in the water. In contrast, Hikari Crab & Lobster Bites and Kens premium sinking sticks will dissolve in the water quickly. Besides, these foods may contain tiny particles that can encourage the development of flatworms or planaria.

Besides the food you feed your shrimp, you can also add a supplement made from organic barley straw and peat. This supplement enhances the quality of water and also helps shrimp grow. It also contains uneaten crumbs, which help boost bacterial activities, improve pH levels, and prevent the formation of black mold. Lastly, you can give your shrimp a special additive called Borneowild BEBI, which is specially formulated for the growth of juvenile and newborn shrimp. This supplement provides nutrients and promotes healthy white stripes and thick shell development.

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