Dogs are omnivorous, they’re messy and they smell funny. But like most pets: they make great companions. They are loyal, eager to please and love their owners unreservedly. And so we want to give them the best of everything — especially food. They deserve that much after giving us unconditional love, right?

Dogs may be carnivorous, but our nutritious dog food offers them a balanced and complete diet that is superior to their omnivorous (literally meaning consuming both animal and plant matter) nature. Our nutritionists and research teams have worked with the world’s top scientists to improve our recipes one thought at a time. Our products are formulated with all natural ingredients, fortified with essential nutrients, and are gentler on the digestive system. We use biologically appropriate, single-source protein sources, like separately sourced chicken and fish meal that provide the essential amino acids dogs need to maintain strong muscles, healthy skin and shiny coats.

Even though all dogs are unique, they all possess certain commonalities, as well. Each breed has special characteristics and traits, such as size, coat, energy and general mannerisms. They eat, sleep and play. And they all need to be cared for in a way that caters to their specific needs.

A dog’s natural diet is very diverse, ranging from small creatures to larger prey that is caught by the pack. This includes internal organs, meat, bones, and other parts of the animal. Some of these foods can be dangerous to your dog, so you must avoid giving them these foods. For example, you should not feed your dog meat that has been marinated in garlic or onions. These foods can cause indigestion.

What Dog Will Eat

Chicken and rice are great foods for dogs. Even unseasoned chicken will be welcomed. Most dog food ingredients have chicken and rice, which are bland enough for your dog to eat. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly and shredded. Otherwise, your dog might not be able to tell the difference between the chicken and rice. When cooking chicken, make sure that you cut it into small pieces so your dog can savor the taste.

When preparing chicken dishes, always use chicken. This type of meat contains protein and fat, which dogs find very appetizing. You can also add rice to your dog’s dish to make it more appealing. But be sure to prepare the chicken thoroughly. It is better to use unseasoned chicken. This way, your dog can’t tell the difference between chicken and rice. If you serve chicken and rice to your dog, ensure that you cut the chicken into small pieces.

Vegetables provide essential vitamins and fiber. Vegetables can be finely chopped or whole, grated, or steamed. Avoid using avocado and tomatoes as they can upset your dog’s digestive system and cause tummy trouble. Another healthy option for your dog is to make pet pops. Simply slice up vegetables and freeze them in an ice cube tray. For an extra treat, you can also add a bit of peanut butter and sweet potato.

Aside from chocolate and kibble, vegetables are also important for your dog’s health. Dark chocolate, in particular, contains a toxic substance called methylxanthines. This poison will stop the metabolism in your dog, so you should avoid chocolate for your pet. If your dog is especially anxious, you should feed him in a quiet place away from other animals. However, do not forget that dogs cannot eat raw dough.

In addition to vegetables, you can give your dog a slice of whole wheat bread. This is good for the gut, but be sure to avoid raw dough. In addition to raw dough, you can give your dog cooked pasta and brown rice. But remember that human food should only make up 5% to 10% of your dog’s diet. In addition, the right kind of meat should be prepared before giving it to your pet. But make sure that you avoid meat that has been spoilt.

Vegetables are good for your dog’s health. Try to include plenty of fresh vegetables into your dog’s diet. These foods are high in vitamins and fiber. You can also feed him small bits of human food every once in a while. It is important not to overfeed your dog, as it can have negative effects on his health. If your dog loves kibbles, mix them with his dry food. The same goes for human foods.

Coconuts are a great source of fiber and vitamin A. You can cut them up and give them to your dog. The coconut milk in coconut is very good for your dog. You can also use it to cook other foods. The rind is not good for your dog, so try it out on a small amount. Do not forget to mix it with canned food and let your pet enjoy it. It will surely love the treats.

You can give your dog fish occasionally, but you should not overfeed him. It is important to choose Greek yogurt for your dog, since it contains less lactose than regular yogurt. Kefir is also acceptable for your dog if it is unflavored and plain. Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. If you can find a piece of fresh salmon, add it to your dog’s dish. Some other good options include chicken and turkey.

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