Chinese Water Dragons are one of the most popular pet lizards in the world. Being one of the larger species of lizard, Chinese Water Dragons are very interesting to keep as a pet. Chinese Water Dragons are a quite colorful species of lizard and the colors on it’s dorsal side range from green to bright yellow, blue, red and orange among other colors. The ventral side is usually brown or cream colored. Males usually have brighter colors than females. The Chinese water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) is native to China, but this lizard can be found in the wild as far west as Turkmenistan and as far south as northern Vietnam.

There are a few fish that the Chinese water dragon can eat without feeling any ill effects. Thankfully, the list of fish that are bad for them is shorter. In this guide, we’ll be going over the fish that can be enjoyed by these particular reptiles. Geckos are reptiles, which means they are cold-blooded or ectothermic, and they have scales. In other words, their bodies cannot produce heat. To keep warm, a gecko needs to find a warm spot or bask. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this most common of behaviors. You cannot teach geckos not to bask. If you live in a cool environment, it is likely a necessity. However, basking can create confusion when introducing new fish to your Chinese water dragon tank.

The best food for Chinese water dragons is fresh vegetables and fruits. But remember to coat their food lightly with supplements to ensure they can digest it. Avoid citrus fruits and wild-caught insects, as they are a source of pesticides. Your Chinese water dragon will likely develop diarrhea if it eats them. They also like crickets. So, when it comes to diet, the more variety you can provide your pet, the better.

If you have a young water dragon, you can feed it the same types of fish that adults do. Make sure to cut up the larger meals so that the Chinese Water Dragon can digest them. As they get older, you can reduce the amount of food they eat. A big meal once every two days is usually sufficient. If you have a large dragon, you can feed him once a week. Keep monitoring the diet so you can adjust it accordingly.

The best food for a Chinese water dragon is freshwater. The lizards are native to the forests in East Asia and Southeast Asia. They are known for their affinity for semi-aquatic environments and prefer to live near streams and lakes. You can feed them small feeder fish or snails once or twice a week. However, you should make sure that you do not feed them pinkie mice as they contain parasites that can be harmful to your dragon.

If you have a small dragon, you can introduce them to the same type of fish you feed your adult. Just make sure to cut up the larger meals to make them easier to digest. As your dragon grows older, you can reduce the frequency of feeding. It’s recommended to feed your water dragon one meal every two days, but it’s important to keep an eye on the feeding process to determine if you should change the diet in the future.

For a baby dragon, you should offer small pieces of food as a snack. Feeder insects should be small to allow the baby dragons to digest them. When they are in their juvenile stage, you can give medium sized insects. The size of the insects should not be too large for the dragon to swallow it. As a result, the baby dragon will grow to be a medium-sized dragon.

For a growing dragon, it’s best to mix in a variety of different types of insects. Insects, worms, and other live prey should be at least 85 percent of the diet. The remainder should be made up of vegetables, dried fruits, and some fish. For a younger dragon, the best food options include silkworms and small roaches. It’s best to feed a Chinese water dragon a few insects a week, and then monitor their intake.

In addition to vegetables, Chinese water dragons enjoy mollusks and can eat crab meat. When it comes to feeder insects, you should offer them a diet that includes ten to fifteen percent of vegetables and fruits. While they won’t eat crab meat or other meat, you can offer them a diet rich in mollusks and tiny feeder fish. If your dragon is not a ‘wild’ species, then you’ll need to buy the best quality ingredients.

The best food for a Chinese water dragon should be 85 to 90 percent insects. In addition to mice, they can also eat worms and fruits. A few small pieces of fish are OK for a young dragon. A larger meal can be fed twice a day, but it’s best to observe your dragon’s eating habits closely so you can change the diet in the future. If your dragon is still too fat, you can always introduce a smaller meal with less fish.

The diet of Chinese water dragons can vary from wild fish to frozen pinkie mice. It is best to select foods that your dragon will enjoy. For starters, make sure they don’t eat too much fruit. Its diet should be around 10 percent of the entire meal. One of the most common questions I’m asked: “What do you feed your Chinese water dragons?” Furthermore, it is possible to keep this animal on a vegetarian diet. I used to be worried that their health wouldn’t be well supported by plant matter alone, but they seem to do just fine. If you don’t want to give your dragon too much, you can feed it a smaller amount of fruit or vegetables.

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