Guppy fry is the baby of guppies, and they are very small. This makes them vulnerable to being eaten by other fish in your aquarium. The good news is that there are some fish that will not eat guppy fry.

Guppy fry is one of the most common aquarium fish. These small, colorful creatures are a great addition to any home aquarium and are a popular choice for beginning aquarists. Guppy fry can be found in pet stores and online for just a few dollars each. If you’re thinking about adding guppy fry to your aquarium, it’s important to know what other types of fish will eat these tiny fish.

A common misconception is that all larger fish will eat guppy fry. While some species may show an interest in guppy fry, they will typically only consume them when they are very small or not yet swimming on their own. Once the guppy fry gets larger and start swimming around with their parents, they become much less likely to be eaten by other fish in the tank.

Some species that have been known to eat guppy fry include:

-Neon tetras -These bright orange fish are small enough that they can fit in between the fins of adult guppies without being noticed by their parents until it’s too late.

-Corydoras catfish -These bottom-dwelling catfish come in many different colors but tend to prefer eating smaller creatures like shrimp over larger ones like guppies.

Guppy fry is a popular choice for aquarium owners, but they’re also prey for some fish. If you don’t want to lose your entire batch of guppy fry to hungry fish, it’s important to know which fish will eat them and which won’t.

what fish will eat guppy fry

If you’ve got Guppies, you might be wondering what fish will eat them. If your tank has a low energy level, you might consider Platies, Black Skirt Tetras, Gouramis, Male Swordtails, Rams, and Zebra Danios. But, if your tank has more space, you should avoid bigger fish like Angelfish, Keyhole Cichlids, and Bettas, which are very active and can easily be intimidated by Guppies.

Betta fish

If you are considering keeping a betta fish, there are a few things you need to know before you start introducing guppies to your tank. You should not overstock your tank, as this can result in fish health problems. You can keep 4-5 guppies in a 10-gallon tank, but if you have an even bigger tank, it’s best to keep them separate. If you plan to breed your guppies, try keeping them separated in a breeding box. Betta fish are notorious predators of guppies and should be kept separate in a tank.

Guppies reproduce rapidly. They can spawn several hundred times each month. The number of guppies you can release every month can reach two hundred. That’s a lot of guppies. Betta fish are also good fry eaters and can be kept in a tank with guppies. Platies can also be used as guppy food. Goldfish require similar water parameters as guppies, and they are peaceful fish that won’t harm your guppies if they were around.

Guppies are great pets, but they can overpopulate an aquarium if they breed too frequently. When guppies reproduce, they produce a lot of fries. While it’s not a good idea to breed too many guppies, it’s not against the law. It’s an incredibly healthy meal for your betta and can help keep the population under control. However, feeding guppies to your betta is not a substitute for other foods in your betta’s diet.

In addition to guppies, betta fish will also attack your guppies. In fact, if you keep guppies in the same tank with them, you should be careful. The betta can eat the large fries. You should not let them live in the same tank with guppies because they will rip them to shreds. If you do, euthanize your guppies before the betta gets a chance to attack them.


A common question people ask is if gouramis will eat guppy fry. The answer is yes, but you’ll need to separate them if you plan to breed gouramis and guppies. You also need to be aware that gouramis have very thin fins, so they tend to attract aggressive fish. If you want your tank to be a peaceful habitat, it is best to keep two or three female gouramis.

There are several ways to keep guppies from eating guppy fry. Guppies are predators and will eat their own fry, but you can prevent this behavior by providing them with plenty of hiding places and putting them in a separate tank. You can also feed your gourami fry brine shrimp, daphnia, and crayfish. Changing the diet can help prevent boredom and keep your gouramis healthy.

Another way to prevent gouramis from eating guppy fry is to keep one or two in the same tank with bettas. Keeping two or three gouramis in a 10-gallon tank is ideal for the first few weeks until the fry reaches a half-inch size. After that, you can add one more fish. You should also keep several gouramis in your tank, but remember that they won’t tolerate guppy fry in a tank of fewer than five gallons.

Although most fish species don’t like guppies, they will eat guppy fry if they have the chance. The fry is relatively small and can be fed to other fish, which can help you maintain a healthy population of guppies in a community tank. You may also want to consider adding more fish to your tank if you have a few of each. Aside from guppy fry, gouramis can also eat guppy fry if they are large enough.

Cardinal Tetras

This fish is an omnivore. In the wild, it feeds on worms and small crustaceans. As a result, it is very adaptable and will readily accept many different types of food. Since it has a high vitamin requirement, it is best to feed it a balanced food product. Its diet can vary from guppy fry to pellets, and it is very difficult to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy Cardinal Tetras.

Another species that will happily eat guppy fry is the gourami. This large fish is known to be a good eater and can be used to control the fry population. Swordtails also tend to eat guppy fry. They are also a good choice for people with small tanks as they are forgiving and adaptable. If you have smaller fish in your aquarium, they will probably nip the tails of the gouramis.

Guppies and tetras are compatible. However, it’s important to remember that tetras and guppies are not the same species. Cardinal tetras will also eat guppy fry if they see them in the aquarium. If you’re not sure if Cardinals and guppies are compatible, read on to learn more about the two species.

These fish have similar temperaments and water requirements. They should be kept together with guppies and other fish that have the same size. Cardinals are notorious for being aggressive, but this aggression usually doesn’t extend to other species in the tank. These fish prefer a group setting. While they will sometimes nip at the fins of slower-moving fish, they won’t attack any other species in the tank.

Oto Catfish

Oto catfish are tiny freshwater fish native to South America. These fish will eat algae and guppy fry and are generally peaceful. Unlike other species of fish, otos will not attack other types of fish, but they do attack discus and angelfish. Despite their peaceful nature, otos can be harmful to other slow-bodied species. They prefer a plated tank with high levels of algae.

Oto catfish are a delicate species, and they do best in mature tanks. They are also known to eat leftover fish food. You can also pair them with a Cory Catfish or a Red Cherry Shrimp. They will happily eat guppy fry if you choose the right mix of food and environment. But it is important to remember that oto catfish are not recommended to live in a tank with a large number of aggressive fish.

Despite their name, oto cats do best in groups of 10 or more. They are peaceful and active schooling fish, but they can easily get disrupted by big fish. If you want to avoid these risks, you can consider a different species, such as the Siamese algae eater or an ancistrus/bristle nose. While the Chinese algae eater is not an ideal choice, it is a good alternative.

Some otocinclus fish are also suitable for keeping with guppies. These fast-moving fish are sensitive to water conditions and will fin-nip guppies. Keeping them together is a fun and rewarding hobby. They can be easily kept together with other fish, but you should always keep them in separate breeding tanks and pristine water. You can also add a small tank for them if you would like to add more species.


Fortunately, most Barbs will eat guppies’ fry. Generally, this is not an issue since Barbs are very peaceful fish and only grow to about 3 inches in size. The only problem with these fish is that they can’t eat adult Guppies or Mollies, but they will happily eat guppy fry. There are two reasons for this. First, Barbs are attracted to guppies’ fry.

Secondly, tiger barbs will not tolerate guppies. Although this fish is a common aquarium addition, tiger barbs will attack guppies. Although they don’t attack guppies directly, a single tiger barb can easily shred a guppy fry. So, if you have any fry, be sure to keep them in a separate tank or pair.

Lastly, there are many types of fish that will eat guppies. Barbs and gouramis are among the most common types. While bettas won’t bother adult guppies in a community tank, they will eat guppy fry if they can find them. Barbs and gouramis are also common predators of guppies, as well. These two species can grow up to 12 inches and are voracious eaters.

While neon tetras and cichlids are omnivorous, they’re still predators. Because they can’t get all the nutrients they need from fish pellets, they’re adapted to eat guppy fry. While they might be aggressive toward peaceful guppies, they’re perfectly happy to feast on a guppy fry if it’s in its territory.

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