Treble hooks are the most common type of hook used in fishing, and they come in a variety of different sizes. The most common size is a 1/0, which is relatively small. The next size up is a 2/0, and then there’s 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, and 6/0. Each number represents how many points the hook has. A 1/0 treble hook has one point, whereas a 6/0 treble hook has six points.

The number of points on each hook will determine how much weight it can hold as well as how big of an object you can hang from it without risking breaking off any of the points. Treble hooks are usually used with bait or lures to catch fish, but they can also be used to catch other types of animals such as squirrels or rabbits if you’re hunting them instead of fishing for them.

Walleye fishing has always been a popular pastime, and it’s even more popular today thanks to the growing popularity of ice fishing.

That being said, there are a lot of different types of hooks that you can use when you are out on the ice. The most common one is the treble hook, which is basically a single hook with three prongs. These hooks have been around for centuries, but they have also evolved over time. You can find them in many different sizes and shapes depending on what type of fish you’re trying to catch.

When fishing for walleye, you need to make sure that you are using the right size treble hook. The best size treble hook for walleye is one that is between 2/0 and 4/0. You want a large enough hook so it will hold the walleye in its mouth, but not so large that it causes injury to your catch.

If you use a smaller-sized hook than recommended, the fish will not be able to swallow it without causing some damage to its mouth or throat. If you use a larger-sized hook than recommended, there is no way that the fish can swallow it without causing serious injury or death from choking on the hook itself.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that there are many different sizes available for these hooks so they may not all fit your needs perfectly at first glance. So what size treble hook should you use if you want to catch walleye? Well, let’s take a closer look at this topic below.

What Size Treble Hook For Walleye Tip Ups

There are a lot of different styles and sizes available in trebles. When fishing with a treble, it is essential to choose the right size. A treble that is too small may fall out of the mouth of the fish, while a treble that is too big may not embed itself properly into the fish’s mouth. For most successful hookups, choose the size that is in between these two extremes.

Lazer Sharp L934 treble

For maximum penetration and holding power, try the Lazer Sharp L934 treble jig for walleye. This hook features a strong, impact-resistant, 3X strong wire construction, a classic round bend design, and an extra-sharp needlepoint that penetrates fast and holds fish securely. You can use the L934 for all types of tip-ups from minnows to crankbaits, and it is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Single treble hooks are more commonly used by beginners and pros alike, and they are a time-honored favorite. They are bulkier and more versatile, but they tend to take longer to set and are better suited to finicky bites. When fishing with single hooks on tip-ups, the sharpness of the hook is crucial. One of our favorites is the Lazer Trokar TK400 octopus hook, which is incredibly sharp and comes in the perfect size 2 to 4.

Swedish hooks

One of the most popular types of lures used for walleye fishing is the Swedish triple hook. These hooks are 3 to 4 inches long and are used to thread on live smelts. They have relatively low hooking mortality but are not effective for holding large fish. If you want to use Swedish triple hooks for walleye, you should choose size #4, which is one of the most popular sizes.

These hooks are perfect for catching walleye because they are small and easy to cast. The action is slower, but most of the fish that were caught were of legal size. You can fish near rock bars, weeds, and the bottom with them. For best results, use fluorocarbon leader and jig a tip up with small beads. Another option is to use a Rapala tipped with a minnow to lure the fish.

Jigging is another popular method for catching walleye. While you can cast your tip up through the ice, most anglers will find it more effective to jig. Jigging allows you to move around the ice and a heavier jigging rod will provide more backbone. This will enable you to steer larger fish. This technique is also very effective for catching more walleye.

When fishing with dead bait, Swedish tip-ups are the best choice. These hooks make the bait lay horizontally and give it a more natural look. Dead baits are often taken head-first by pike. If you want to increase your chance of hooking a big fish, you can use brined jumbo smelt. If you are looking for a new tip-up, you can find one online or at a fishing store near you.

A good hook for walleye is one that is sized just right. If you are using a small minnow, a #4 or #6 hook will be sufficient. Larger hooks are also better for ice fishing in the summer. However, if you are fishing for trophy pike, a #4 or #8 hook would be the better choice. This is because the larger treble will give the bait a natural look and will result in a deeper hook set.

The size of the hook is also important. The smaller the hook, the more likely it will hook up. You can use a #4 or #6 treble hook for walleye, while a smaller one will be better suited for trout and trophy pike. When selecting a hook size for your tip-up, you need to consider the type of bait you plan on using. In colder water, fish are less active and are less likely to gulp down a large hook.

The location of the prey species will impact your success with Swedish triple hooks for walleye. They feed in predictable cycles and tend to stay closer to their spawning grounds. This makes them easier to catch. You can also use them to catch smaller fish. The main purpose of Swedish triple hooks for walleye is to lure fish while they are feeding. The Swedish Pimple is a popular ice fishing lure. It has been used for over 100 years and is proven to be effective for catching a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater species. They are made of solid brass and rigged with a treble hook with a red “flipper”. The Swedish Pimple comes with a bonus yellow flipper, an extra split ring, and a single hook.

When using Swedish triple hooks for walleye, choose a heavy line and a 1/2-ounce sliding egg sinker. Make sure you use a snap swivel on the sinker so that it doesn’t slip off the line. The leader should be long enough to allow you to change it easily. Using a wire leader is not recommended because it is difficult to tie. The leader should be three feet long, and 20 pounds long.

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