Neocaridina shrimp are a popular choice for freshwater aquariums. They’re small and colorful, and they can be kept in a wide range of water conditions. If you’re interested in keeping Neocaridina shrimp, here’s what you need to know about feeding them. Neocaridina shrimp are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals. They prefer to eat algae but will also eat worms, insects, and other small invertebrates when given the opportunity.

You should provide your shrimp with a variety of food sources so they have plenty of options to choose from. Offer your shrimp algae wafers at least twice per day (once in the morning and again at night) as well as live foods like mosquito larvae or daphnia every few days or so. You can also add some plant material like lettuce or spinach into their tank for them to munch on if desired.

What To Feed Neocaridina Shrimp

If you are considering keeping Neocaridina shrimp in your aquarium, you should understand what to feed them. You can choose between Vegetables, Snowflake, and Animal protein. There are also high-tech tanks that are equipped with CO2 supplementation. Just make sure to monitor CO2 levels with a drop checker. Also, check pH levels.


When you’re starting out with shrimp farming, your first step should be to learn about their diet. This article will explain some of the basic food ingredients and give you some tips for feeding your shrimp. The best foods are those that balance vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients. You should avoid commercial shrimp foods, as these often contain chemicals and preservatives that can harm your shrimp. It’s also important to consult with your local pet store and veterinarian before buying your shrimp.

When choosing vegetables to feed your shrimp, you want to choose organic vegetables. To make sure your veg is safe for your shrimp, you should always wash it under a running tap. You can also blanch it, which is the process of placing a vegetable in boiling water until soft. Blanching helps break down the vegetable’s fibers and prevents them from floating away. Once you’ve blanched your vegetables, place them in the tank overnight. In the morning, remove them.

Another good vegetable to feed your shrimp is canned green beans. This vegetable is very soft and nutritious, and shrimp love them. Sliced carrots are also popular with shrimp. These vegetables are also rich in beta-carotene, which will enhance the red coloration of the shrimp. Canned zucchini is also a great veggie for shrimp to eat. Remember to not overfeed your shrimp.

Animal protein

Shrimps are one of the most popular aquaculture species and the world’s production is estimated at 4.5 million metric tons (MT). The demand for shrimp aquafeed is increasing rapidly. While fishmeal is the most common protein source, novel protein sources are being studied for potential use as shrimp feed. These novel sources include algae, insect meal, and biofloc. However, many of these sources are still in the experimental stage.

When choosing what to feed your shrimp, make sure to choose organically grown foods whenever possible. When buying vegetables, make sure to rinse them under the tap to prevent bacterial growth. You can also blanch them by placing them in a jug of cold water to stop cooking. Once you’ve blanched the vegetables, place them into a tank of freshwater or dechlorinated tap water to keep them fresh.

Commercial shrimp food is an option, but it contains a high level of animal protein. This is better than using algae meals, but it’s better to feed your shrimp a plant-based diet. Ideally, you’ll want to mix both meaty protein and plant-based food in your shrimp diet. The variety of foods will help to mimic the natural environment of the shrimp.

Another option is to use premium ingredients that are high in amino acids and essential fatty acids. These ingredients are known to be highly beneficial to shrimp’s health. Ensure that you feed your shrimp a balanced diet, containing all the essential nutrients for healthy growth.

Canned food

If you are looking to increase the plant content in your Neocaridina shrimp diet, try introducing canned vegetables. These vegetables are often preferred by shrimp because of their soft texture and high nutritional content. Canned carrots are also a good choice because they contain beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that enhances the shrimp’s red coloration. Avoid using raw vegetables as these will break down in the water column.

Several brands offer different varieties of shrimp food. One popular variety is Lowkeys Ultra Supple, which is a hard pellet-type food. As it dissolves slowly in water, this food attracts Neocaridina. Alternatively, you could try Lowkeys Ebi Supple, which is a large, hard pellet. However, it is difficult to break off the right-sized portion.

Another popular variety is the Oriental River Prawn, which comes from Asia through Myanmar. These shrimp are often easier to breed than their cousins, and they will quickly develop large colonies without help. Be aware, however, that other species such as Amano shrimp and crystal shrimp require brackish water to breed.

Snowflake food

Using Snowflake food is a great way to provide your Neocaridina Shrimp with a healthy, nutritious diet. It is a high-quality food that delivers few pollutants to your water. This food can be left in your tank for several days and will not harm the shrimp or your tank. It is a good choice if you are going on vacation and are unable to provide your shrimp with their regular food. You can buy these pellets in different sizes, including 500g and 1000g. You can also buy them in a plastic ziplock bag.

Snowflake food is made from soybean shells and contains a natural source of protein. Since this food is so natural, it won’t pollute your tank’s water and is ideal for newly molted shrimp. Moreover, it allows small mycelia to grow, which the hungry shrimp will pick off and eat.

The Snowflake food for Neocaridinata shrimp contains no additives and is a great way to supplement your shrimp’s diet. Unlike other shrimp foods, it will not foul your tank. And unlike other foods, you can leave the Snowflake in the tank until your shrimp finish it. Most other types of shrimp food must be removed from the tank after four hours, but Snowflake will last longer.

The Snowflake food for Neocaridinata shrimp is made from soybean husks and hulls, which are rich in amino acids, fiber, and trace minerals. This food won’t spoil the water in your tank and won’t attract any pests.

Repashy gel food

If you want to feed your Neocaridina shrimp, you can try Repashy gel food. It is a food mix that contains algae and plant matter. These foods have a high amount of calcium. They are also high in carotenoid content.

There are different types of Repashy gel food for Neocaridrina shrimp. Some are harder to digest and slow to dissolve. Some shrimp do not like this food. Some shrimp may be more sensitive to it than others. For example, one of the hard pellets is hard and does not dissolve completely in water. Another kind of food is Dennerle Crustagran, which is a medium-sized pad that softens slowly in water. Young shrimp love this food.

Aside from Repashy gel food for Neocaribina shrimp, you also need to make sure that the water in your tank is super clean. Neocaridina shrimp are extremely sensitive to ammonia and nitrite, so even the slightest amount of ammonia in the water can cause them to die. So, it’s important to cycle your tank regularly and use filtration. Copper is also toxic for Neocaridina shrimp, so you should never give them any medications that contain copper.

When breeding Neocaridina shrimp, it is important to follow their natural habitat and feeding schedule. This species can take as long as three months to breed. For this reason, it’s important to follow a feeding schedule that allows them to thrive in their new tank.


Benibachi for Neocaridinans is a wonderful way to keep your shrimp happy and healthy. This natural food is composed of a combination of chitosan and enzymes that improve growth, coloration, and molting. While the main purpose of Benibachi is to make shrimp grow, this food also helps maintain clear water, improve molting, and reduce the number of bacteria. You can purchase this product in a tube and just drop it into your tank on a regular basis.

Benibachi’s food is made from only the finest ingredients. It contains several species of Kelp as well as several minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. Because of this, it is highly nutritious and attracts shrimp, as well as holding its shape in the water.

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