This small wheat flour mill plant is a kind of classic wheat flour mill. The wheat needn’t to peel first, only need to feed clean wheat into the machine, then the wheat will be got milled into fine white wheat flour. This model milling machine is specialized for the home use wheat flour grinding, users just feed the raw material(clean wheat ) ,then could get the finished the product ,the wheat bran and wheat flour . and the flour is very white with superior quality. This machine is very easy to use , and work stably . It is fit for individuals ,schools to use for small scale .


Wheat Milling Machine is multifunctional the purpose of the milling process is to separate the endosperm from the other kernel portions. In the production of whole wheat flour, all parts of the kernel are used. The milling of wheat into flour for the production of bread, cakes, biscuits, and other edible products is a huge industry.


1. Automatic feeding in the easiest way,continuous milling can reduce the labor intensity largely.
2.Pneumatic coveying minimize dust and improve the working environment of workers,reducing the temperature of the article.

3. Easy operation and maintenance, small investments and yield quick returns.

4. wheat flour mill with high production capacity but with low energy.
5. Designed for producing high fineness of wheat flour, flour mesh size ranges from 40~160.
6. Equipped with best importing grinding head and grinding rolls.
7. Automatic and micro-computer control.


Equipment NameChina supplier 10 ton per day wheat flour milling machine production line
Iutput10T per day
Main Cleaning Equipment1. Combined wheat cleaning machine
2. Wheat washing and dry machine
Milling Equipment1.Roller Mill
2. sieves
3. High pressure fan
Products and extraction rate(%)wheat flour ≥75%, Wheat bran ≤25%
Size of workshopL*W*H : 7*4*3.5m


$250.00 – $1,500,000.00

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