A certain amount of moisture is always present in the grain, and depending on the weather conditions, its readiness for harvesting, the process of harvesting, type of the crop, this value may vary from one crop to another. Application of the grain moisture meter, capable of measuring moisture amount in different crops is very advantageous here, since it is just necessary to switch to the required mode.

Moisture measuring range: 2% to 30%Maximum error : ± (1%Rh +0.5)Resolution: 0.5%Temperature measuring range: – 10°C to 60°CMaximum error: ±2°C(±4°F)Resolution: 1°C /2°FEnvironment: Ambient temperature: – 10°C to 40°CAmbient humidity: 0~70%RHWeight:460gDimension: 170*170*50mm (main unit)440*60*60mm (measurement probe

The Wheat Moisture Meter can be used to measure the moisture and temperature of different grains. It is applicable to allocating, Purchasing, storing and processing packaged grains. With this Tester, the moisture and temperature of the grains can be rapidly and exactly measured.

  • Grain moisture test
  • Food temperature test
  • Grain moisture standard setting and excessive moisture tip
  • Backlight control function
  • Celsius, Fahrenheit temperature unit conversion
  • Battery hold function
  • Auto power off function: 5 minutes without any operation automatic shutdown
  • Data hold function

Prices of Wheat Moisture Meter


₦18,000 -₦20,000

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