The equipment of wheat processing plant adopts the internationally advanced equipment.The equipment of flour processing plant: plansifter and purifier are the advanced patent product. Its features is blowing well, adjusting simple, good result of separating.
The capacity of full set wheat flour milling machine is 60ton per day. We can design different flour production lines for you according to your requirements

Uses :

Processing: Wheat is processed into various grades of flour by cleaning, tempering, grinding, sifting, and purifying. Flour is sold to the baking industry. Classes of wheat: The seven official classes of wheat are soft white, soft red spring, soft red winter, hard red winter, hard white, hard red spring, and durum.


  • All machines in this wheat milling process line are compact in structure and elegant in appearance.
  • The whole line adopts advanced material that make sure the machines can serve a long time, according to our tests and customers’ feed back, machines in this wheat milling processing line can last at least 25 years.
  • Though this is a complete wheat processing line with many single machines, it is easy to install and operate just by watching our guide video. At the same time, the maintenance will be easier.
  • 10T wheat flour production line is a small line that cost low but earns much, it doesn’t need much man power and takes less spaces, it is very suitable for small workshop or family business.


Name6FTP-10T complete set of wheat milling machine
Production capacity10 tons of wheat/24H
Power supplyAbout36kW
Dimension of the workshop L x W x H(m)=16.5 x 5 x 4.5(m)

Prices of Wheat Processing Machine


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