Wheat Thresher Machine NCK-01 HM Multi Purpose Thresher Machine by changing a few pulleys, band and sifter you can harvest the wheat, rye,gruel and barley and also pea, sorghum, lentil, fig, bean and cummin agriculture products and so forth. The required move transmisiion for these processess is provided by the shaft from the rear metal bar. Another advantange for our machinery is to be able to load the cereal or pulse harvested into bag or trailer through combined making bag system. Simple adjustment and usage Durable Steel Body against knocks Excellent work output Excellent operation with every make tractor Unlimited service and replacement parts Saving from time and oil

Over the last couple of decades, there has been considerable progress in agriculture mechanization. It is generally believed that the benefits of modern technology have been restricted to farmers with large land-holdings. Yet the fact remains that even small farmers are adopting and utilizing selected farm equipments for efficient farm management through custom hiring. Mechanization is one of the factors responsible for urbanization and industrial economies. Besides improving production efficiency, mechanization encourages large scale production and improves the quality of farm produce. Getting farm labour is a major problem even in our country. So mechanization comes as a blessing for those who face the problem of getting labour. A trusted name in Engineering Industry in India- Kovai Classic Industries, Founded by Mr. B.Vasanth Kumar, the Propreitor cum co-worker is a good human being rather than a boss.

Uses/benefits of Wheat Thresher Machine

1. High-capacity for family using;

2. The threshing rate can be more than 99%;

3:.The rate of broken rice or wheat is less than 0.1%; 

4. Can be used to thresh the rice, beans, wheat, millet;

5:.Electric motor, gas motor, diesel motor can be used as motivation;

6:.Wheels can be installed for more convenient transferring;

Features of Wheat Thresher Machine

  • The machine is suitable to thresh Paddy, Maize, Sun flower, Jowar and all other grains
  • The capacity of the machine is 50 to 60 Bags per hour for Paddy and 60 to 80 Bags per hour for Maize
  • The Maize can be threshed with husk
  • This machine can be operated with any type of Tractor PTO
  • The Threshing and cleaning efficiency is not less than 98%
  • The grains threshed by this machine do not get damaged or crushed and the grains can be used as seeds
  • The Machine is Maintenance free due to its sturdy components
  • 100% safe for the operators
  • Separate hullers and Sieves are supplied for Paddy as well other grains along with the machine
  • A Separate elevator, Hullers & Sieves for Ground nut (wet podder) can be attached to the Machine as an option at extra cost


Shaft speed(r/min)14001400
Motor speed(r/min)28002800
Machine size(cm)150*80*100150*90*100
Package size(cm)82*51*11092*51*115

Prices of Wheat Thresher Machine


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