Where Can I Buy A Live Octopus

Live octopus is a delicacy in many parts of the world. Live octopus is still moving when it’s prepared and served, and the tentacles continue to squirm on your plate. The taste is described as sweet, but chewy. If you’ve had calamari before, the live octopus will have a similar texture but taste differently. People who enjoy eating live octopus compare the thrill of eating it to getting a tattoo or bungee jumping for the first time.

Phu Quoc Seafood Market

If you’re visiting Phu Quoc, a small island in Vietnam’s Gulf of Thailand, then you’ll want to check out its seafood market. The market is located near the ferry terminal and has a variety of seafood including live octopus. It’s open daily, so you can take your time shopping for whatever catches your fancy.

Noryangjin Fish Market

If you’re looking for live octopus, your best bet is Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea. Opened in 1958, it’s the largest fish market in South Korea with over 5,000 stalls and 24-hour service. This is where you’ll find an abundance of seafood from around the world—and it’s also home to some of the freshest octopuses you’ll find anywhere.

If you’re traveling through Asia and want to try some really fresh seafood that hasn’t been sitting around for too long (like most of what’s available here), then this is when and where to do it

The only downside is that because this place is so popular with tourists who want something exotic on their plate while they’re traveling abroad? Prices tend to be higher than they would be at other markets or grocery stores back home due out there as well…but if freshness matters more than anything else then I’d say go ahead and splurge on yourself once or twice during your trip

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is located in Seoul’s Jung-gu district and is one of the city’s oldest markets. The market has a history dating back over 100 years. It was an important center of trade during the Joseon Dynasty.

What kinds of things can you find at Gwangjang? Well, besides octopus there are plenty of other sea creatures: live crabs, oysters, and even abalone! If those aren’t your thing then just walk down an aisle or two and you will run into all kinds of Korean street food like tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) or jajangmyeon (noodles in savory black bean sauce).

How much does it cost to buy an octopus from Gwangjang Market? A medium-sized octopus costs around 6 USD per pound which comes out to about 300 won per 100 grams (or about $3 for a six-pounder). The best way to order one is by telling them how much weight you want; they will cut the tentacles accordingly so that each person gets some meat from both ends of their cephalopod friend! This should give you enough time before dinner starts feeling hungry again so don’t worry too much about getting bored while waiting for dinner time

Most Asian markets

The best place to buy a live octopus is in an Asian market. Asian markets are the perfect place to buy your live octopus, because they are directly in the middle of the supply chain and have a high turnover rate.

As you may know, many people who sell live octopuses also catch them themselves. In fact, some people catch their own octopi and then sell them at local farmers’ markets or (in this case) Asian markets! This means that when you buy one at an Asian market, chances are good it was caught within hours of being sold to you.

Additionally, since there is such a large volume of people buying and selling these animals every day at these stores (they’re popular), they can afford to be very selective about which ones they choose to keep as inventory versus which ones get thrown out because they aren’t fresh enough or something else went wrong with them during transport from wherever it was caught originally.”

Order Online

Ordering live octopus online is a great option. You can find live octopus at the following websites:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Fishpond
  • Seafood City,

Seafood Mart and Seafood Online are all owned by the same company in California. They have a wide selection of different types of seafood to choose from. The website has been around since 1992 and they have been selling fresh seafood online since 1997 to customers throughout the US and Canada.

  • Seafood Plaza offers seafood from all over the world including octopus from Thailand, Australia, Chile & Peru as well as an extensive range of other popular species such as salmon (fresh or frozen), and tuna (fresh or canned) shrimp/prawns/krill, etc).

Live octopus is available in various seafood markets and supermarkets across Asia.

  • Live octopus is available various seafood markets and supermarkets across Asia.
  • It’s important to note that live octopus can only be eaten raw and must be prepared by an expert chef.
  • Before buying, make sure the octopus has good coloration, no obvious signs of decay, and is active when handled.
  • When you get home, store in water at room temperature until ready to cook (do not freeze).

Live octopus is widely available throughout South Korea and the rest of Asia. You can even find it online, although most online retailers sell frozen packages. For the freshest octopus, you will need to visit a fish or seafood market.

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