The White German Shepherd is a very special looking dog. This unique variation of the standard breed has a controversial background. Despite that, they are still highly sought after. Since the continued defamation of the white German Shepherd, fanciers stepped in. They have purposely bred them in the hope of securing their genes and achieving their own breed status. After three generations of breeding the white German Shepherd, breeders renamed them as White Shepherds. Ultimately, they are the same dog. These pups are just a purer lineage of White German Shepherds. Some kennel clubs have recognized him as a breed in his own right. Others have not and simply state that he is still, ultimately, a white German Shepherd. The Black German Shepherd Dog is treated in the same fashion. Throughout this article, unless speaking of specifics, the White German Shepherd and White Shepherds will be referred to as the White German Shepherd. They are ultimately the same dog.

Their white coats are one of the rarer colors, and as such is seen to be somewhat of a collector’s canine! Despite being considered a fault by some of the world’s leading kennel clubs, he is still very much sought after. Regardless of his color or name, White German Shepherds make great family pets. The breed is gentle, protective and sweet. Their appearance is striking, and you’ll be assured to get looks every time you are at the dog park. Let’s dive deeper and explore their history, controversies and more.


The White Shepherd is a medium-sized, well-balanced, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a medium length, pure white coat, erect ears, and a low-set natural tail that normally reaches to the hock and is carried in a slight curve like a saber. The outline of the White Shepherd is made up of smooth curves rather than angles. Gender differences are readily apparent. The White Shepherd should be evaluated as an all-around working dog, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they deviate from breed type; and how much they interfere with the dog’s ability to work. Working dogs are not to be penalized under any conditions for scars or blemishes that are due to occupational injuries.

The White Shepherd has a distinct personality marked by self-confidence. The breed is poised, but when the situation demands, they are eager, alert and ready to serve in any capacity. White Shepherds demonstrate both herding and protective instincts. With those he/she knows, the White Shepherd is open and friendly. With strangers, she/he is observant and may be somewhat aloof but not apprehensive. They enjoy running, playing fetch or any activity with their human family. This is a joyful, active, intelligent and easy to train working dog with the ability to adapt and integrate to all kinds of social events and situations. Timidity in a mature dog or aggressive behavior is not typical of this breed. White Shepherds are very loyal and tend to be especially protective of the young of various species. With their playful and curious personalities, they make wonderful companions although some do have the tendency toward being quite vocal by exhibiting whining, grunting, moaning and sometimes howling.

Features of White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd puppies look like little balls of fluff and are extremely cute! However, they grow very quickly and reach 50% of their adult size normally by around 4 months. By 1 year of age, they should be at their adult height. You should always buy from a reputable breeder because sometimes breeders try pass off German Shepherd mixes for pure white German Shepherds.

The White German Shepherd can weigh anywhere between 50 to 85 pounds with a male weighing more than a female. They are classified as a large dog breed and stand tall at 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. Again, females are normally shorter than the males. They are a very muscular and athletic breed, which is no surprise because they were bred for their working capabilities. They are very strong and wear a proud posture and have erect ears. Their feet are big too, even when they are puppies!

Specification of White German Shepherd

NameAmerican White Shepherd
Other namesWhite Swiss Shepherd, White Canadian Shepherd, White German Shepherd, WS, WGSD
OriginUnited States Germany
Breed GroupHerding
Life span12-14 years
HeightMale: 24-26 inches (60–65 cm)Female: 22-24 inches (55–60 cm)
Weight77-85 pounds (35–40 kg)
Litter Size8-12 puppies

Prices of White German Shepherd

$1,000.00 – $3,000.00

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