Wild Rabbit Nesting Box Piling limbs and brush materials alongside trees and fence lines will create perfect shelters for wild rabbits. Letting vegetation grow instead of mowing weedy areas will also improve shelters for rabbits. Any briar and brush patches that are allowed to grow will create nesting and escape areas for wild rabbits. Wild rabbits often make their nests in areas that boggle our minds… sometimes even right in the MIDDLE of an open yard. They are “hiding in plain sight” as often the predators that they naturally fear would be too timid to enter those areas. They don’t count on the family dog or cat also being a problem.

Uses of Wild Rabbit Nesting Box

If you have a pregnant doe at home, a nesting box is a necessity. These nesting boxes replicate burrows that rabbits would give birth in in the wild, often not being much bigger than the rabbit themselves and lined with grasses to create a soft and secure area for the baby rabbits to be born in.


There are a few different types of rabbit nesting boxes available. It will be up to you to decide which type is going to be best for your rabbit. This is often dependent on whether they are using it for birth.


A wooden nesting box is the most natural feeling to your rabbit. However, wood can be a bit more difficult to keep clean and sanitize. A clean environment is very important for mother rabbits and the kits.


A plastic nesting box is a good idea if you are worried about keeping your nesting box clean. They are much easier to keep sanitized. However, they are not always as durable and do not feel as natural to your rabbit.


A metal rabbit nesting box has two benefits: it is easy to clean and is sturdy and durable. However, again, they do not feel the most natural to mother rabbits.


A grass rabbit nesting box is not as common, and is often used as just a place for your rabbit to hide and play, rather than a space for a doe to give birth. However, as they are made of hay and grass, they are completely edible and very good for your rabbit’s teeth and digestive system.


  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Durable hideout that fits any cage or hutch
  • Ideal resting spot for your rabbit

Prices of Wild Rabbit Nesting Box

$25.87- $78.00

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