Wile 65 Grain moisture tester. An easy-to-use menu-driven precision temperature & humidity measuring instrument for whole grains and seed. 16 of the most popular grain types and seeds can be read off directly. Allows automatic compensation of temperature differences in the grain and equipment. The measured values of a test can be stored, and the average value computed. Storage temperature -15°C to +50°C. Use with GE 651, GE 261 and GE 262 probes for increased versatility. 1.5kg Wile 65 grain moisture tester. Wile 55 is our best selling moisture meter. It can measure a wide range of moisture, Grain 8..35% and Oil Seeds 5..25 %. Wile 55 is the basic tool for precise quick measurement of grain moisture Wile 55 has an easy-to-read LCD display. The user can adjust calibration to match the readings with another meter. Wile 55 has an automatic temperature compensation that utilises the internal temperature sensors for both grain and the temperature of the device itself.


  • The Wile 65 measures the moisture of grain and seeds rapidly and precisely and is easy to use due to its menu driven display. The meter can also be used for temperature measurements of different substances with the help of the optional W-651 temperature probe. Measurement with the Wile 65 is simple and fast.


  • Device for precise temperature and humidity measurement for whole grains and seeds
  • Menu instructions in the language selected by the user
  • Simple device operation
  • Digital measured values
  • The values for the 16 most frequent crop plants and seeds can be read directly
  • Automatic compensation of temperature differences between the sample material and the device
  • The measured values of a test series can be stored in order to then calculate an average value from them


  • Measurement technique – Resistance
  • Results in less than 20 seconds
  •  Interactive LCD display in user’s own language
  •  Automatic temperature compensation
  •  Wide moisture range 3%..40%, dependent on the grain
  • Specially coated teeth for longer life
  • Ergonomically designed cap
  • Specially coated teeth for longer life


$690.00 – $759.00

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