Winter Fishing Gear

For cold-weather fishing, you will want to wear thin layers of clothing that you can easily add or shed depending on your body temperature, insulated socks and a shell coat, gloves, and a well-insulated hat. You may also want to wear neoprene waders if you will be in or around cold water. let’s make the assumption you already have ice fishing clothing, such as cold weather outerwear and insulated boots, and your necessary license. Our focus can then be on the ice fishing equipment required to put fish on the ice. There are 9 essential items that every angler needs on their Winter Fishing Gear list: 

  1. Jigging ice fishing rod and reel 
  2. Live bait container stocked with live bait 
  3. Terminal tackle such as line clippers, fish grabbers, pliers, hooks, sinkers, etc. 
  4. Ice fishing tip ups 
  5. Ice fishing electronics 
  6. Ice augur and skimmer 
  7. Retractable ice pick (Just in case) 
  8. Sled to tote all your ice fishing equipment 
  9. Bucket, chair or ice shanty to set up shop 


1.Ultra-breathable polymer + nylon material: polymer + nylon material, get larger air permeability, the fabric is more durable, and dry quickly, keeping your hands dry and comfortable all day long!

2. Palm anti-slip particles, wear-resistant particles + safety guarantee: palm anti-slip particles, wear-resistant, anti-friction, longer use time and more effective protection of hands, thin and light design doubles outdoor fun

3. All-finger design This glove adopts a full-finger design, which can protect the palm of the hand in all aspects without lack of dexterity and fine operation.


Wear-resistant, non-slip, protective hands

Material: high molecular polymer + veil material

Size: all size

Colour: Black


Manufacturer Part NumberFoya
Color CategoryMulticolor
Product NameNew Non-slip Gloves Black Fishing Winter Gear Latex Coating High Quality

Prices of Winter Fishing Gear:

 $42.00 –  $340.00

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