When fishing for toothy predators, in both fresh- and saltwater, a wire leader is always good to use in order of prevent bite offs. No matter if you are fishing with lures, dead, or live baits, the risk of a predator’s teeth reaching your mainline and biting through it is always fairly high. Neither does it matter if you are fishing your baits statically on a bobber or on the bottom, or retrieving your lures at a fast speed; you simply cannot know how, if, and when a predator will hit your lure or bait and how deeply it might swallow it. So, instead of taking that risk and hoping for the best, putting a wire leader between your lure or bait and your mainline is the best way of making sure that you won’t have any line breaks due to sharp teeth.

Uses/benefits of Wire Leader Fishing:

  • Fishing tackle leader, test:20 kg or 40 pounds, made of premium stainless steel, nylon-coated, to ensure these high-quality leaders are tough enough for sharp teeth, stronger. You will not lose the big fish.
  • This fishing jigs include 60 pcs, three size: 12 inches (28 cm),9 inch (23 cm),7 inch (18 cm), diameter:0.019inch(0.6mm), each of the 3 sizes are separated on its own snap hook retainer, they won’t get all tangled up and it’s easy to get individual leaders out to use.
  • Perfect fishing equipment leader, corrosion resistant, durable, and tough enough for fishes with sharp teeth, with swivel and clip, is easy to connect fishing lure, fishing bait, fishing hooks, weight set. great for use in both saltwater and freshwater.
  • Fishing accessories of steel leaders are great for toothy fish, such as pike, catfish, trout, crappie, striped, bass, eagle claw, northern pike.
  • It’s a perfect gift for men who love fishing, with a beautiful package, great for fishing trips and easy hold. .it’s also a fishing gift for you,take it in tackle box.

Features of Wire Leader Fishing:

  • ★Test:30.8lbs,Fishing Leaders Diameter: 0.019inch(0.5mm). 72pcs/lot black/green/silver fishing wire leaders
  • ★Size:Steel leader fishing Mixed 3 size, each size have 24pcs. And length: 5.9inch/9inch/11.8inch
  • ★Feature:Fishing Wire Leader has twisted wire 2 arms and interlock snap, withstand a lot of bites from some pretty big fish! Especially fish that have big teeth!
  • ★Light-weight: Wire Tooth Proof Stainless Steel with swivels Snap suitable for anyone looking for a light weight leader that doesn’t pull down a lot on your topwater lures.
  • ★Convenience: Stainless Steel High Strength Fishing Line Leaders crimps are very smooth. Swivels turn easily to keep your line from twisting if using spinner lures.

Specification of Wire Leader Fishing:

Product TypeBetter Leader & Tackle Fishing Leaders Fishing Gear Stainless Steel Leader Wire Fish Hook Wire Ideal For Most Bottom Fishing
Model NumberSFH-047
MaterialSteel wire
Number of arms2 arms, 3 arms, 4 arms, 5 arms custom
MOQ100 pcs
UsageFishing Rod Guide Wrapping
LogoCustom logo
PackagingOPP bag or Custom

Prices of Wire Leader Fishing:

$43.97 – $86.71

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