Every Wopa Standard Cattle Crush is standard equipped with two safety winches – one for the belly strap and one for the back leg. They engage the brake instantly when the handle is released without any extra handling from the operator, ensuring that under no circumstances can the handle spin independently of the operator. This is a particularly great feature when cows put up some resistance. It means that you have full control over the cow, so you can ensure she is weight bearing on all feet before fully releasing. Both winches are equipped with a 2:1 reduction, providing more control and requiring less effort.


What are the benefits of having a WOPA Hoof Treatment Crush? Hoof trimming becomes safe and easy, the main benefit is that farmers tend to treat lame cows quicker which should result in quicker recovery times and therefore less lameness costs. On the Wopa crush, the cow will sit with her rear on the chain instead. Livestock producers know that a cattle crush is an essential investment, and that it is one of the most important ones they will make for their operations. A high-quality cattle crush can improve livestock management, increase livestock and producer safety, and decrease animal stress.


Wopa Cattle Crush Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01 is in excellent condition and fully checked. The CC01 is equipped with a new large hydraulic axle and integrated brake system, which makes it possible to set up in the barn within 1 minute.Equipped like every Alu-Hooftrimmer with hydraulics which are adjustable in speed, 5 function remote control, elevator, W form in the back bar, large alloy back leg hook, front leg hooks, extra product box on the side with 220V contact, LED lights, thick rubber mat etc.The chute has a Dutch number plate. We can arrange an export number plate and paperwork, with this it can be registered anymore in the European Union without problems.Fully checked and ready to work directly.


Item: Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01

Brand: Alu-Hooftrimmer

Price: $4,490.00

Weight: 990 kilogram

Year: 2018

Available: Per direct.

Location: CowCare, The Netherlands.

Reason for sale: Client changed chute for a new one.


$4,490.00 – $7,975.00

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