Y-Tex has been a trusted provider of ear tags for livestock producers for more than 50 years. Y-Tex ear tags are a durable, high-quality ear tag choice for cattle, calves, and swine. The tags are available in multiple sizes as classic visual ear tags or as USDA-compliant RFID ear tags. With several high-contrast colors, you can easily customize orders for your ranch to include all pertinent information. Our selection of the best cattle ear tags and Y-Tex products ensures you have the tools needed to efficiently tag.

This animal electronic ear tag is a kind of tag that designed exclusively for the animal breeding and slaughter management. It meets ISO11784/5, FDX-B international standards. Each tag is produced using top quality European chips with read/write capability and features unique data security. This product provides open-top-side and closed-top-side two designs. Adopting the over molding process, it is waterproof and anti-shedding. Coupled with OKAYID reader series, this ear tag provides a beneficial solution in animal breeding, slaughter management and animal identification.

Uses/benefits of Y Tex Sheep Ear Tags:

Y-Tex All-American ear tags use an advanced polyurethane formulation for a softer, more flexible tag. The long, ribbed neck prevents breakage and allows greater tag visibility. Flexible male button and patented Snap-Lok collar provide superior resistance to snagging and prevent tag-button separation. Y-Tex male buttons make a very small ear hole and have a longer shaft to provide greater air circulation around the incision, for rapid healing. Sanitary button tip does the piercing to prevent spreading infection between animals. Standard numbered tags are hot stamped with foil dye and guaranteed legible for four years. Y-Tex medium (3-star) ear tags are excellent for cow and calf use. 3-7/8” high x 2-1/2” wide.

Features of Y Tex Sheep Ear Tags:

  • Ideal size for sheep and goats.
  • Ear tag sets come with male and female sheep tags.
  • Patented Snap-Lok collar provides superior resistance to snagging and prevents male-female ear tag separation.


PRODUCT NAME Pig Sheep Rfid Animal Cattle Ear Tag
SIZE:40*42mm;Diameter 28.5mm;
PRINTINGLaser Printing/Serial Number Printing
DATAData encoding and encryption options
STRENGTH Waterproof,Anti-shedding
USE Cattle/Pig/Sheep/Horse
APPLICATIONAnimal Identification Management
SAMPLES Free Sample rfid cattle ear tag in stock is available upon request
AFTER SERVICE 100% reading rate and Guarantee the quality for 5 years

Prices of Y Tex Sheep Ear Tags:

$9.99 – $22.60

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