Yanmar Walking Tractor

The Yanmar Walking Tractor is a compact tractor that can be used in fields and forests. The tractor can be used for various kinds of work, such as tilling, cultivating, fertilizing, harvesting, and transportation of materials.

The Yanmar Walking Tractor features a four-wheel-drive system with independent front and rear steering capability. The tractor also has an automatic transmission with three forward gears and one reverse gear. It has a water-cooled diesel engine with an output of 47 hp at 2200 rpm.

Yanmar is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. The company’s walking tractors are designed to be used in all types of terrain, from rough to sandy. The Yanmar Walking Tractor is the epitome of durability and stability, featuring a long-lasting diesel engine and exceptional traction in all conditions.

Yanmar Walking Tractor

The Kohler Company is a global manufacturer of diesel engines with a strong focus on agricultural, construction, industrial and marine markets. This brand is committed to developing advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions that empower farmers and foster a resource recycling society. Their walking tractor is built for tough farming jobs, and comes with an industry-leading 10-year powertrain warranty. To learn more about these products, read on. This article provides an overview of their capabilities and features.

Chalion MB 1380D

If you are looking for a quality, affordable walking tractor, then consider the Chalion MB 1380D Yanmar. This tractor comes with numerous features and options including a rake-tedder and hay pusher. The tractor features hydraulic motors and comes with a remote control console. A 10-year powertrain warranty is included, making it a good choice for any farmer. It is the best choice for farmers who want a high-quality walking tractor for long-term use.

This high-quality diesel tractor is great for a variety of farming jobs. It features an in-house design team and an industry-leading 10-year powertrain warranty. It also features a smooth ride with low noise and fuel consumption, making it ideal for any farm job. It can be easily converted to a walking tractor with the use of an optional drive axle. It can also be used as a trailing equipment, making it an ideal choice for farmers.


Known for its rugged design, the YANMAR YT347C Walking tractor offers flexibility and reliability. Its advanced hydraulic mechanical transmission allows for easy operation, and a cab is optional. Both models feature an isolated platform that reduces vibration and operator fatigue. The deluxe seat reclines for added comfort. In addition, the cab has convenient manual storage for the operator’s tools.

This walking tractor is a powerful diesel machine with four wheels and a fuel tank of 12.7 gallons. The YT347C features a high-performance 4TNV88C Tier 4 engine with a rated RPM of 2800 RPM. Other features include a hydraulic mechanical transmission and a 48-liter fuel tank. Despite the low price, the YT347C offers plenty of power for its size.

With a hundred horsepower YANMAR LN10 diesel engine, the BCS 740 diesel walking tractor is capable of working on steep terrain. It features a wide range of implements, including a rake-tedder and a hay pusher. A reversible handlebar and extension for eight-centimeter implements make it easy to change implements and operate on different surfaces.

Low rate retail financing is available on all Yanmar compact tractor models, attachments, and other parts. Commercial installment credit approval is required and may have other terms. The monthly payment plan includes freight and taxes. In addition, down payments may be required. This type of financing does not qualify for a cash rebate. And it may be subject to additional terms that Yanmar can change without notice. In addition, the monthly payments for this model are based on the low rate retail financing.


The Yanmar EF494T Walking Traktor is the latest addition to the company’s line of diesel engines. This 110-year-old global manufacturer of diesel engines has its focus on the agricultural, construction, industrial, and marine markets. With its emphasis on environmental sustainability, the company is dedicated to creating comprehensive solutions that support farmers’ needs and contribute to the creation of a resource recycling society. The tractor is equipped with advanced features, such as a 10-year powertrain warranty.

The EF494T features an OM INSTRUMENT PANEL that includes a tachometer and a fuel gauge. The engine warms up by running at 1500 rpm for five minutes. The starter motor consumes a large amount of battery power, so be sure to switch off the engine after it has warmed up. It is important to note that the start-up of a Yanmar walking tractor should be smooth and without any sudden movements, as this can cause injury to those who are nearby. The driver’s seat should also be properly adjusted and fastened when operating a Yanmar EF494T with a ROPS.

The oil and filter cartridges in the Yanmar EF494T Walking Traktor are made from synthetic materials. Oil is commonly used in these parts and can be found at a local Yanmar dealer. Yanmar recommends using TF-500A and TF500A transmission fluid, which is equivalent to carrier red 80B. The transmission oil cartridge is accessed by removing the center drain plug, which is cartridge-style.

The Yanmar EF494T Walking Traktor has an engine main switch that turns on the engine. The key is stored in a safe place and should never be accessible to children. The main shift lever on the tractor changes the transmission system in three stages: forward, reverse, and range shift. The tractor has a total of 9 forward and nine reverse speeds. To operate the main shift lever, the operator must depress the clutch pedal.

The Yanmar EF494T Walking Traktor requires only minimal maintenance and is a perfect choice for a farming operation. If you’re planning to use the tractor in the field, the lubrication system should be regularly checked. The lubrication circuit may be abnormal. In addition, the charging process will not start until the engine speed falls below 1000 rpm. The operating time is indicated by the white frame on the display. Do not operate the bare lamp during the fuel replenishment process because it can cause a fire and injury.


A 260mm steering wheel makes driving the Yanmar EF393T a sporty experience, while the operator’s seat is adjustable and foldable. The tractor’s frame has a drainage channel and ample room for the legs, and it features sturdy stairs and handrails. Its hydraulic valves are located underneath the seat. These features make it easy to operate this tractor, and they make it ideal for tough farming jobs.

Before performing any maintenance task on a YANMAR walking tractor, be sure to read the tractor’s manual. This will explain how to safely operate the machine and maintain its optimal working condition. Always keep your manual close to your machine, and if you lose it, you can purchase a replacement from a YANMAR dealer. Here are some tips to maintain your Yanmar EF393T Walking Tractor.

The YT347C is a powerful two-wheel tractor with a capacity of 48 liters. It features a 48-liter fuel tank, 46 Horsepower, and an adjustable drivetrain. Its high-performance 4TNV88C Tier 4 engine has a rated RPM of 2800. It features hydraulic power steering, a 48-liter fuel tank, and a variable speed transmission.

If you want a reliable tractor, you should choose the Chalion MB 1480D Yanmar Two-Wheel Tractor. This tractor comes with a 10-year powertrain warranty. Its hydraulic attachments are convenient and easy to use, and the tractor has remote-control consoles for convenient operation. Its 42-HP diesel engine makes it an excellent choice for farming. Its high performance diesel engine makes it a great choice for any type of task.

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