Yara Fertilizer Price List

The Yara brand is one of the most respected and widely recognized brands in agriculture. We partner with farmers worldwide to optimize crop yields, reduce environmental impact and improve crop quality and nutritional value. Our fertilizer products are precisely formulated to provide targeted nutrition to suit each specific situation. We recognize that soils, crops and climates are unique and that different fields and crops have different nutritional requirements. Our approach is always to properly identify the needs, meet those needs effectively, and to do all of that in an environmentally sustainable way. Our product portfolio, sold as six main global brands, represents the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry. This is how a successful crop is built—by bringing together global crop knowledge and regional expertise to provide a premium crop nutrition range that’s precisely focused on crop requirements. Here’s to a good year.

Uses/benefits of Yara Fertilizer

We are wholesale distributors of yara fertilisers. Yara is among the top 5 worlds best fertiliser company yara has recommended nutrition programs for a number of crops – including cucumber, capsicum, table grapes, citrus, apple, sugarcane, coffee, tomato,  brassicas, potato, and wheat.

Features of Yara Fertilizer

Yara Liva Tropicote is a unique granular fertilizer that contains fully soluble calcium in combination with fast-acting nitrate nitrogen to give a top-quality, highly marketable produce. It is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately up to 24 meters by machine or accurately when placed by hand. It is a free-flowing material with 90% of particles 2-4mm. Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew. This formulation offers a low risk of scorch and is often used as a final topdressing to a wide range of high-value crops.

  •  Nitrogen(N) 15.5%, Calcium (CA) 18.8% and  Chloride Free

Product Specification

Packaging Size25 KGS
Target CropsVegetables
Pack Size25 KGS
Product TypeOrganic
Packaging TypeHDPE BAG
FormGranules, Powder
Grade StandardChemical Grade
Purity (%)100
Release TypeControlled
Environment FriendlyYes
Minimum Order Quantity5 Unit

Prices of Yara Fertilizer

$300.00 – $500.00/ Ton

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