Zimmerman Cattle Control knows that anyone working in the dairy economy is facing difficult times at present – but doesn’t believe that means we’re helplessly stuck and can’t do anything about the situation. In that spirit, they have gone back to the drawing board and redesigned two of their products to be more affordable, without sacrificing a speck of quality. The process has actually improved the products. “When we redesigned our headlocks, we discovered we could make them simpler to operate, have less moving parts to wear over time, and have more useful features,” says Keith Zimmerman, Vice President of PBZ LLC, which fabricates the equipment. The lowered cost will be an attractive benefit for dairy farmers who need to keep their belts tight in a tough dairy economy, while purchasing a quality product that will last for a longer duration than most


Zimmerman Cattle Headlocks In the competitive eating environment of free stall housing, stocking density is by far the leading contributor to competition along the feed bunk. That being said, the type of railing installed in a free stall can either complicate or ease competition during peak feeding times.


  • Super tough finish
  • Protection from rust & corrosion
  • Superior electrical insulation
  • Chip resistant
  • Resists acid & chemicals
  • Smoother finish stays cleaner
  • Cows can be released in groups or individually
  • Individual cows can be locked in for treatment
  • No loose pins or parts to get lost in pit
  • 1.9″ O.D. x 13 gauge steel tubing on top & bottom
  • Cows are locked individually as they enter
  • All yokes lock on individual catches, no strain on control rod
  • Unique design allows easier entry & exit
  • Individual lock on each yoke for holding one or more animals
  • Yoke stabilizer on large sizes
  • 1″ structural pipe on verticals & locks
  • Neck bar can be removed or adjusted without tools
  • Finished with a zinc rich undercoat and polyester powder top coat


  • Fabricated from 1.9 OD 12 ga. high tensile tubing
  • Vertical tubes are notched to maintain strength
  • Heavy bushing in the swing tube to reduce wear
  • Panel Height – 36″
  • Panel length – custom fit 30″ to 12′ (22″-24″ needed per head lock)


$120.00 – $1,000.00

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