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Zoetis is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 65 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, which are complemented by biodevices, genetic tests and precision livestock farming. Zoetis serves veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals with sales of its products in more than 100 countries.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to managing flock health. That’s why Zoetis works with poultry producers and veterinarians to tailor solutions and develop programs that meet the unique needs of their operations. We offer a full range of products and services for prevention and treatment – from vaccines and feed additives to biodevices and diagnostics – to help keep birds healthy and poultry producers successful.


Zoetis vaccines address specific disease challenges in every segment of the poultry industry around the world. Our veterinary specialists work closely with customers to build and implement complete disease management programs dedicated to improving poultry health. Our comprehensive line of Poulvac® vaccines are designed to effectively combat many common diseases, including Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, Salmonella, Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Bursal disease.  

Zoetis builds on 25 years of diagnostic experience to provide timely, accurate and reliable diagnostic products and services that help veterinarians and poultry producers confidently make better health management decisions. Our comprehensive diagnostics program unites dependable ProFLOK® enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) test kits, Rapid Immunomigration (RIM™) assays for swift detection of avian influenza antigen, knowledgeable technical support and ProFILE® 3.2 software, and eLISA upgraded software platforms that quickly yield needed results.

Features of Zoetis Poultry Vaccines

Poulvac Maternavac 4, an inactivated vaccine from Zoetis that helps protect chickens against four important diseases, has been licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will begin shipping this fall, the company announced.   

The new vaccine is built on the success of Poulvac Maternavac IBD-Reo, a vaccine that protects against standard and variant strains of infectious bursal disease (IBD), as well as malabsorption caused by reovirus. Poulvac Maternavac 4 offers these same protections, in addition to Newcastle disease (ND) and infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). See complete indications below.

The vaccine helps to build a strong base of immunity against four diseases in breeder hens and three diseases in broiler offspring,” said Kalen Cookson, DVM, director of clinical research, Zoetis.  “That’s particularly important today because raising robust broilers has become more challenging with the surge in ‘no antibiotics ever’ production,” he added. “It stands to reason that chicks with a solid immune base are more likely to perform well during grow-out, regardless of the production system.” As an added benefit, using the four-way vaccine helps to reduce labor and bird stress by eliminating at least one injection, he explained.


Poulvac Maternavac 4 has been shown to be effective for vaccination of healthy, primed chickens against standard and variant IBD, ND, IBV, as well as tenosynovitis and malabsorption due to reovirus. The vaccine has also been shown to protect progeny against these same diseases except IBV.

The four-way vaccine should be administered to primed birds at 0.5 mL at 16 to 22 weeks of age (approximately 4 weeks prior to lay). There is a withholding period of 42 days before processing. 


  • Vaccinate only healthy chickens. Although disease may not be evident, coccidiosis, Mycoplasma infection, infectious bursal disease, Marek’s disease, reovirus infection and other disease conditions may cause complications or reduce immunity.
  • Efforts should be taken to reduce stress conditions at the time of vaccination and during the reaction period.
  • Do not spill or splash the vaccine.
  • Use entire contents of vial when first opened.
  • Burn vaccine containers and all unused contents.
  • The use of this vaccine is subject to state laws, wherever applicable.
  • This product should be stored, transported and administered in accordance with instructions and directions.
  • Contains gentamicin as a preservative.

Prices of Zoetis Poultry Vaccines

$33.99 – $83.95

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