Rootrimmer Square Nursery Pots For Sale


The Rootrimmer Square Nursery Pots are essential gardening tools used for planting seeds under intensive agronomic management. They are made from quality BPA-free material; making these pots very tough, sturdy, and resistant to deformation. These Nursery Pots are ideal for indoor and outdoor growing of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and succulents.

Key Features:

  • Each nursery pot has drainage holes to regulate the soil moisture and aeration.
  • The nursery pots come with a tray that allows easy movement of the pots
  • It is lightweight and can be reused for several batches of seeds.
  • It has a long service life


Rootrimmer Square Nursery Pots are growing medium for small plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They are commonly used in the nursery where plants receive intensive care and management. This 3.5-inch Square Nursery pot is ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.

These seed starter nursery pots are made of high-quality BPA-free material; the nursery pots are designed with toughness, resistance to deformation, good thickness, and lightweight for easy handling and transportation. The Rootrimmer Square Nursery Pots has a long service life; you can use it for starting several batches of seeds.

The Rootrimmer Square Nursery Pot comes with a tray for easy movement and care; each pot has drainage holes for the removal of excess water and aeration of the plant roots. These nursery pots are ideal for gardening and growing seeds. It gives high value for every penny spent on its purchase.

Additional information





Number of Pieces



Quality PP plastic



Special features

Seed tray, Drainage holes


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