Book Day-Old Chicks

Buy your quality day-old chicks from Justagric Agros; we sell quality DOC Broilers, Pullets, Noiler, Cockerels (black and white), local and imported Turkey, Ducklings, and Point of Lay. We also sell broilers and Noilers at 4 weeks, turkey at 8 and 16 weeks.

How To Book Day Old Chicks

Having taken a look at the current price of day-old chicks, you can decide on the type of chicks you want to buy and the price to pay. Then, Call or Chat (Whatsapp) us at +2348074763468 or send us an email at [email protected] to book your order.

Booking takes place on or before 9 am on Mondays and Thursdays only. The earlier the bookings the higher the chances of delivery.

Order Limits:

The minimum number of chicks you can buy from Justagric Agros varies with the type of birds you want:

  • Broilers: 1 carton (50 pieces)
  • Noiler: 1 carton (50 pieces)
  • Pullets: 1 carton (50 pieces)
  • Cockerel: 1 carton (50 pieces)
  • Turkey: 3 pieces
  • Point of lay: 50 pieces


We deliver chicks nationwide, we have a logistics system that delivers chicks anywhere in Nigeria at varying costs. The delivery of birds is done at the nearest bus stop at the address provided. The logistics manager will call you as soon as he/she reaches your location.

Payment of Birds

Payment is done BEFORE delivery of birds. All payments are paid into the Justagric Agros LOTUS BANK account which would be provided by the customer representative at the point of finalizing orders. We do not transact with personal accounts.

Cost of delivery

The cost of delivery varies with the delivery state and location. The cost is charged per carton of birds. The delivery payment is done directly to the logistics manager. The delivery fee is exclusive of the cost of the day-old chicks.

At Justagric Agros, We assure you of quality service.