Sayed Broilers (Day Old)

Price: N43,000

Get our quality Sayed broilers and enjoy the benefit of rapid growth and high feed efficiency.

  • Sayed broilers are Ross 308 known for their tall meaty appearance and rapid growth.
  • Sayed broilers are ready for harvest at 6 weeks.
  • A carton of Sayed broilers contains 50-day-old chicks.
  • Delivery is done nationwide within 72 hours of order confirmation.

This is important to mention that our Sayed broiler day-old chicks price changes twice weekly (Monday and Thursday) in response to the current market situation.


Sayed broiler is a Ross 308 broiler produced by Sayed. Sayed broilers are another fast-growing broiler with high feed efficiency. They have close characteristics to the Agrited broilers. Sayed broilers are hardy, stocky, and produce good quality meat.


Additional information




Males and Females

Number of birds

50 chicks

Minimum order

1 carton (50 chicks)

Payment Term

Full Payment before Delivery

Payment Method

Bank Transfer

Delivery Time

72 hours after payment


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