Current Prices Chicks In Nigeria: Broiler, Noiler, Pullet, Turkey (February 2020)

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Looking for where to get the current prices for day-old chicks in Nigeria, you are just in the right place. On this platform, we provide regular updates of the prices day-old chicks of Broilers, Pullets, Noiler, Cockerels (black and white), local and imported Turkey, Ducklings, and Point of Lay from different hatcheries.

Not only that, but we also direct you to a reliable source that sells at the best price with a delivery option to your destination.

Here are the current prices of these Day-old chicks; Broilers, Noilers, Pullets, Turkey, point of lay and other breeds of chicken as at 10 February, 2020 from different hatcheries in Nigeria.

We update the prices on a regular basis in line with the changes made by the hatcheries. You can use this price list to set your budget as you delve into production.

Prices of Broilers Day-Old-Chicks( DOC)

Hatchery Prices/bird (Naira)
Chi 350
Zartech 370
Supreme 370
Nastech 370
Kadom 370
Fidan 370
Sayed 380
Amo 370
OBJ Marshall 380
Agrited 400
NPG 370
Cascada 370
Vertex 370

Prices of Pullets (layers) Day-Old-Chicks ( DOC)

Hatchery Prices / bird (Naira)
Chi 260
Zartech 260
Fol-Hope (black pullets) 240
Olam 260
Farm support 260
Amo 260
Agrited 260

Prices of Turkey Day-Old-chicks ( DOC)

Breed Prices/bird (Naira)
Local 550
imported 1600

Prices of Cockerel and Noiler Day-Old-Chicks ( DOC)

Breed Prices/bird (Naira)
Noiler 280
White cockerels 30
Black cockerel 150

Prices of Point of lay (POL)

Breed Prices/bird (Naira)
Point of lay 1450

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