Best Fertilizer For Papaya Trees

papaya tree fertilizer

Papaya tree requires phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium for good growth and development. Like most tree crops, papaya trees can suffer …

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Best Fertilizers For Italian Cypress Trees

Italian Cypress trees are slow-growing evergreen trees with distinctive, dark green needles. They are native to Persia, but also grow …

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Best Fertilizer For Clusia Hedge

Clusia hedge is a beautiful plant that can be used as a privacy screen, a windbreak, or just an ornamental …

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How Does The Heliconia Flower Adapt To The Rainforest

Heliconia, commonly known as lobster-claw, is a genus of flowering plants found in the tropical regions of the Americas. Tropical …

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Six (6) Best Homemade Fungicide For Root Rot

root rot in plants

One of the most common problems that gardeners face is root rot. It’s a fungal disease that targets the roots …

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Balsam Fir Christmas Tree: Its Lifespan After Cut & Care

Balsam Fir

The fragrant Balsam Fir is a popular choice for Christmas trees due to its symmetrical shape, soft needles, and wonderful …

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How To Treat Powdery Mildew On Plants

Powdery mildew in plants

The growth potential and yield of plants are often truncated by either pests or various diseases. If you grow vegetables …

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Best Spacing of Plants And Number of Plant Per Hectare

Spacing between rows and crops is one of the tricks profit-oriented farmer plot to increase their crop yield and also …

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How To Tell If A Honeydew Melon Is Ripe

Honeydew Melon plant

Honeydew melons are a sweet and refreshing summer fruit that has a very short ripening season. Knowing when honeydew is …

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How To Plant Muskmelon Seeds: Care & Harvesting

Muskmelon Seeds

Native to central Asia in Persia (Iran), Muskmelon is a popular fruit that is both commercial and homegrown. Muskmelons come …

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