How To Care For Dahlias In The Fall

In the fall, dahlias should be carefully dug up, although the process will vary depending on your location. In areas with mild winters, you may be able to leave the tubers in the ground and cover them with mulch. If you live in a cold climate, you will need to dig up your dahlia tubers and store them indoors over winter to protect them from frost damage.

When To Plant Dahlias In Pots: Size of Pot & Variety To Plant

If you’ve never planted dahlias in pots before, here are some basic information to make the process a smooth one. Read on to learn when and how to plant dahlias in a pot, size of pots, varieties of dahlias to plant in pots, learn how to water and protect dahlias from slugs and snails, how to fertilize dahlias while they’re in the potting stage, learn how to maintain the right amount of light for your dahlias while they’re in their pots, and general care of dahlias in pots.

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