Dog Ate Potting Soil: Reasons and Potential Risks

what to do when dog ate potting soil

Your dog may have swallowed potting soil as it roams in the garden. Truly, the smell of potting soil may …

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Female Dog in Heat: A Guide for Owners

dog in heat

As a dog owner, you must know when your female dog is in heat, the signs, and what to expect …

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Feeding Guide & Care For Diabetic Dogs

dog wiith diabetes

If your dog lives with diabetes, that is not the end. It can still live happily and socialize as though …

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Tuxedo Cat Maturity Weight and Their Weight Problems

tuxedo cat weight

There are useful information to be revealed and some misconceptions to be cleared about the tuxedo cats and their weight …

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My Cat Not Eating But Purring: Reasons & Solutions

My Cat Not Eating But Purring

Did you know that purring is not always a sign of happiness in cats? While a purring, cuddly cat may …

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What Can A 1 Month Old Puppy Eat: Homemade Food & More

1 month old puppy

Puppies are cute and adorable, but they come with a lot of questions. In the first month of their lives, …

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Draxxin Dosage For Dogs: Uses, Side Effects and More

Draxxin for dogs

Every dog owner must have Draxxin as part of their dog medication program. Dogs are prone to various infections; the …

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Four Main Worms In Dog Poop (With Pictures) & Their Treatments

Worms are a common health problem in dogs; they are dangerous and can impair dog’s growth and reproduction. Different types …

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What Can Boston Terriers Eat? Best Food and Fruits

Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier needs to eat highly nutritious food to maintain their compact and muscular body. This dog needs to …

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Dogs Being Picky With Food: Causes and Solution

picky eater dog

Dogs often become picky with their food out of the blue. It could be something in their environment, or it …

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