How Giant Water Lilies Adapt To The Tropical Rainforest

giant water lilies

The giant water lily, Victoria amazonica, is the largest water lily in the world and native to the shallow waters …

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How Does The Heliconia Flower Adapt To The Rainforest

Heliconia, commonly known as lobster-claw, is a genus of flowering plants found in the tropical regions of the Americas. Tropical …

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7 Unique Adaptations of the Kapok Tree In The Rainforest

Kapok Tree picture

Kapok trees (Ceiba pentandra) are found in rainforests throughout Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. These trees have selective …

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How Does The Rubber Tree Adapt To The Rainforest

How Rubber Trees Survive in the Tropical Rainforest

The rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, is native to the Amazon rainforest region in South America. Rubber trees are very adaptable …

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The Breathing of Plants: A Look at Plant Cellular Respiration

plant cellular respiration

Plant cells are eukaryotic organisms that, like all living things on Earth, need nutrients to survive and grow. Plant cells …

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How Orchids Survive: Adaptations Information in the Rainforest

how do orchids adapt to the tropical rainforest

Orchids are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants that grow in many habitats around the world, but many …

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Five (5) Plants That Can Tolerate Cold Drafts

Plants that can tolerate cold drafts are essential for anyone who has a drafty home. These plants are able to …

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