How Giant Water Lilies Adapt To The Tropical Rainforest

giant water lilies

The giant water lily, Victoria amazonica, is the largest water lily in the world and native to the shallow waters …

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All You Need to Know About The Mini Cow Breeds

mini cow

Mini cows or miniature cows are the perfect option for anyone looking for a pet that’s easy to take care …

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How To Care For Day-Old Chicks: The Best Practise

day old chicks

It is important to give your chicks the best care, particularly during the first 10 days of brooding. The level …

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The Nature Connection: Creating A Wildlife-Friendly Garden 

The Nature Connection

With the ongoing urbanization and expansion of human settlements, trees, and plants are gradually replaced by roads and skyscrapers, and …

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How To Keep A Christmas Tree Alive All Year

Christmas trees

Christmas trees are symbols of merriments and joy during the festive period. Every household usually erects a Christmas tree in …

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Cat Life Expectancy: What Cat Breed Lives The Longest?

Ragdoll Cat breed

Cats are some of the most popular pets around the world. Their adorable nature, intelligence, and quiet personality make them …

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Can Chickens Be Emotional Support Animals?

kid hugging chicken

Individuals with a qualified mental health condition can get an ESA letter from their licensed mental health professionals to request …

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How To Treat Powdery Mildew On Plants

Powdery mildew in plants

The growth potential and yield of plants are often truncated by either pests or various diseases. If you grow vegetables …

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Difference Between Pots And Planters: Size, Material & More

pots vs planter

Pots and planters are container gardening tools used to hold plants and soil. Though they serve a similar purpose, there …

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What To Put In Bottom Of Planter Without Drainage Holes

Planting Pots

Drainage holes are an important feature for most flower pots and planters. Proper drainage allows excess water to flow out …

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