Red-Eared Sliders: How Long Can They Go Without Eating?

Red-Eared Sliders

The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is a popular aquatic turtle native to the southern United States and northern Mexico. …

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How To Tell How Old A Yellow-Bellied Slider (Age Chart)

Adult Yellow-Bellied Slider

Yellow-bellied sliders are a popular aquatic turtle native to the central and eastern United States. They get their name from …

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The Existing 7 Sea Turtle Species in The World (Pictures)

There are about 7 species of sea turtles living in the oceans and other water bodies in the world. Some …

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What Do Wild Baby Turtles Eat? Diet and Feeding Habit

Baby turtles are omnivorous, meaning that they eat both plants and animals. Baby turtles will eat anything from fish and …

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