10 Best Pet Snakes Based On Their Temperament Nature

Contrary to what and how many people view snakes as very irritating legless coily animals that belong to the Bush alone, it is good to note that snakes make for good pets and are fast rising to be among one of the most kept pets in the world today. Although snakes cannot offer companionship as a dog or cat does, these creatures possess their endearing qualities as being secretive, easy to care for, and require less attention. Since they are very different from companion animals, their care and needs differ as well.

People are often irritated and intimidated by snakes probably because of their muscular bodies their legless bodies. For some other people, these snakes are fascinating to some other people for almost the same reasons. To use snakes as pets, it is best to get a species that is small since it will be very easy to care for and maintain.

Thankfully, people and snake experts have been able to provide some names or specific species of snakes that can make being a snake owner for the first time less daunting or intimidating. Many species of snakes could be trained or naturally come as good choices of pets and for their feeding, snakes only require food once in a while like every few days or even just once in a month. This feeding habit of snakes makes them more advantageous to keep as pets when compared to very common pets most people are used to keeping in their homes.

For those planning on keeping snakes as pets, it is important to understand the kind of snake to keep, if it should have venom or not, and the size of the snake. Some have decided to go with nonvenomous snakes to avoid incurring any harm to either themselves or their family and friends. Below are some examples of non-poisonous snakes that can be kept as pets.

The following are Snakes that are mostly valued for their cool and calm temperaments and make for good pets. As follows is a list of what we believe are the most docile snakes together with our best beginner snake recommendations.

  • Smooth green snake
  • Ringneck Snake
  • eastern and western hognose snake
  • ball python
  • kenyan sand bo
  • california king snake
  • Rainbow Boa
  • Carpet Python
  • Cape House Snake
  • African Egg-Eating Snake

Best Pet Snakes For Beginners

#1. Smooth Green Snakes

Smooth green snakes make good snakes keep as pets due to their portable sizes and their simple diet of eating insects which causes less stress and worry for the carers who do not have to keep on looking for rodents.

Of great importance to note is that while this snake does not always bite, it does not like to be overhandled either since it causes a lot of stress, so individuals should always resist handling to the barest minimum.

#2. Ringneck Snakes

This North American snake derives its name from the unique yellow or orange ring-like colour that is seen on its neck. Being super small, in fact, they do grow as long as a foot or so, they eat very small animals like earthworms and need to be properly taken care of if they are not in their proper habitat. Such are would include providing them with heat and light to keep them warm. They do not mind being carried but do not like it when handled for a long period. While they possess small teeth with venom, this venom is completely harmless to humans and so they fit this category.

#3. Eastern And Western Hognose

Making up one of the most popular and common snake pets, the Eastern and Western Hognose snake maintains a very small size which is mainly based on the sex of the snake as they do not grow longer than 24 to 36 inches.

#4. Ball Pythons

Ball pythons (Python regius) are likely the best python for beginning snake keepers to maintain. Pythons are very big snakes capable of expanding to swallow any kind of smaller animal it finds. They are calm snakes and make for the best python breeds to keep as a pet. These snakes hardly bite but will rather hide their heads inside their coiled body when scared or sense any form of danger. Those kept by humans have very simple nutritional needs.

#5. Kanyan Sand Boas

Kenyan sand boas are also average-sized with a very calm attitude and require simple care. They do not make use of venom but are constructive. They also come in an amazing array of colours from which one can easily pick their colour of choice.

#6.  California Kingsnake

​Called the Kings because they overpower other snakes and even eat such snakes as rattlesnakes which are one of the fastest and wildest snakes. Despite the power of this snake, they still make great pets and although they could get naughty when mishandled, they are easy to maintain. They feed mainly on venomous snakes, small rodents, lizards, birds, and even bird eggs.

#7. Rainbow Boa

This South American native snake has been deemed fit as a pet snake because they possess unique varieties of color combinations. These colors bring a gleam or glow to their skin when light is placed around it. Just as the ringneck snake, this snake also requires special needs such as specific tank conditions of high heat and humidity because of their natural tropical habitat. Althouse these snakes may require more attention and maintenance than the others, it is always worth it because having a snake as beautiful as this is an amazing thing and all it requires is patience and care.

#8. Carpet Python

This Australian native is well known for its different breeds or species as well as its varying colors. Although this particular python seems to be longer than most Snakes mentioned here with a length of 6- 6.5 feet, they still require very simple care needs and have simple feeding requirements.

#9. Cape House Snake

Coming from Africa, the brown cape house snake with its length of about 2-4 feet has one of the simplest care as well as nutritional and feeding needs as other Snakes listed do.

#10.  African Egg-Eating Snake

The African egg-eating snake is a lover of eggs just as the name implies and eats it most often. And while they are easy pets to keep and maintain, the problem associated with them is when it comes to feeding. They have no discernible teeth and use spurs found in their spine, which it uses to crack eggs they swallow. They are also very rare breeds to come along and seen online majorly.

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