List Of Best Dog Foods Without Peas, Lentils, Legumes, And Potatoes

There are a lot of dog food varieties in the market with various brands at various alarming prices while aiming for the best food for dogs is to gives the dogs distinct health advantages. The best way to know a dog best food is figuring out the food ingredient and its possibility to aid better absorption and digestion.

Most dog keepers that feed grain free dog foods regulary do not have dogs that have food allergies. Grain free dog foods are now of primary preference over other types of dog food; dog keepers find it difficult to believe that they are healthier than dog foods that contain grains.

The fact is that most dogs can eat a good dog food that contains grains without any health issues or complications, does not mean peas and lentils can be part of the food for feeding dogs. Although they are generally healthy, they are rich source of protein and often found in grain-free dog foods, you may choose to avoid them if your pup is predisposed to heart disease.

Why peas, lentils and potatoes are not good for dogs

The FDA (food and drug administration) opened an investigation in 2018 to examine a potential link between grain-free diets and a heart condition called canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Dilated cardiomyopathy is a form of dog heart disease in which the heart becomes enlarged. As the heart gets larger, the dog struggles to beat as well as it should, which could impact the blood circulation, both to and from the heart. It was observed that, DCM can lead to symptoms such as

  • Lethargy
  • Coughing
  • decreased appetite,
  • pale gums
  •  fainting.

If left untreated, DCM can lead to death of the dog.

Existing research is based on a small sample size, suggests that DCM may be breed-specific and there may be other factors involved. The FDA, therefore, issued a guide to veterinarians and pet owners on the high vulnerability of DCM in dogs eating pet foods made with peas, lentils, legumes, and potatoes. These ingredients undoubtedly contain essential nutrients needed by dogs (carbohydrate energy, fiber, and essential nutrients); however, they also contain substances (antinutrients) that can be harmful to dogs.

A good example is Phytoestrogens; this compound may contribute to fertility problems in dogs. Similarly, lectins, phytates, and oxalates are antinutrients that can affect the dog’s digestion and reduce the absorption and utilization of key nutrient elements like zinc, calcium, and iron. If you have been feeding your dog a grain free diet and you are concerned about the risk of DCM, I recommend you consult a veterinarian for diagnosis. However, if your dog has taurine-related dilated cardiomyopathy that is caused by diet, then, changing the dog food has been shown to improve DCM in some cases.

 Dog Food Without Peas, Lentils, Legumes, And Potatoes

According to, here are some of the best manufactured dog food without peas, lentils and potatoes.

#1. Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula Dry

Purina Pro Plan Sport is the best choice of most dog keepers, especially dog breeders, show dogs keepers, trainers, hunters etc. Purina is one of the animal food companies that does lots of nutritional research on animal food; the brand is highly reputable for very good quality control measures.

The Purina Dog food has no wheat, soy, or added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. If you are accustomed to feeding your dogs with boutique dog foods, you may not like all of the ingredients in this food but they are easily digested and absorbed. Most dog keepers have attested to the quality and results of feeding dogs with Purina Pro Plan Sport, and other Pro Plan foods over the years. These dog foods are best for healthy and long-lived dogs.

#2. Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Dry

If your dogs have sensitive skin and often come down on stomach issues, consider Purina Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Dry Dog Food; this is an excellent dog food for healthy performance. Salmon is the major protein source and the first ingredient, followed by barley. The presence of prebiotic fiber and oatmeal makes it easier to digest and absorb by dogs. This dog food contains No corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or flavors; it is popularly used among dog keepers with dogs with skin problems and sensitive stomachs.

#3. Farmina Natural & Delicious Wild Cod & Ancestral Low-Grain Formula Dry Dog Food

Made in Italy, the Natural & Delicious Wild Cod & Ancestral Low-Grain Formula is a great dry food for dogs with chicken or beef allergies. According to the manufacturer, 92 percent of the protein present in it comes from animal sources; the fish formulas possess a strong odor but dogs love them. This Farmina dog food is GMO-free and has low-glycemic content. The low-grain formulas usually contain 20 percent grain, 60 percent animal ingredients, and 20 percent vegetables. This is good enough to supply your dog with its minimum nutritional requirements.

#4. Victor Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry

One of the most reputable dog food of all time, Victor Hi-Pro Plus Formula is a nutrient-dense, multi-meat formula dog food packed with high levels of quality protein to support the nutritional needs of growing puppies, pregnant and lactating female dogs, and high-performing dogs. Victor Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food contains beef meal as the first ingredient and 30/20 protein and fat formula, which is great for active dogs. According to the manufacturer, 88 percent of the protein in the food comes from meat, poultry, and fish; this dog food contains no corn, wheat, rice bran or wheat midds, soy, or glutens. It contains grain sorghum, whole-grain millet, and feeding oatmeal

#5. Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken Canned

Merrick Grain Free Wet Dog Food Real Chicken Recipe is one of the best-canned dog foods with high-quality protein and healthy fats needed for dogs to thrive well. This canned dog food recipe contains USDA-inspected deboned chicken as the first ingredient, with 96% chicken and 4% of the grain-free natural dog food formula. Merrick Real Chicken dog food is made without peas, lentils, legumes, or potatoes and other unwanted ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and by-products.

Most canned dog foods in the market are usually grain-free, whether they say so on the label or not. The Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken Canned Dog Food contains deboned chicken, dried egg product, natural flavor, salmon oil, the inevitable gums to hold everything together, and vitamins and minerals. This dog food has a tender pate texture which makes it the best dog food ideal for all ages, breeds, and sizes.

#6. Sport Dog Food Active Series Cub Buffalo & Oatmeal Formula

This is best pea-free dog food for puppies. The Sport Dog Food is a  high-energy dog food with a powerful balance of 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat, and digestible carbohydrates at 526 calories per cup without grains, poultry or canola oil. This makes it the best food for growing puppies This particular dog food recipe contains buffalo meal as a concentrated source of protein and the first ingredient, with oatmeal as the main carbohydrate; this dog food also contains supplemental proteins like pork meal and catfish meal with a rich blend of omega fatty acids from salmon oil and pumpkin meal.  

#7. Health Extension Lite Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Food

This is best dog food for older dogs. The Health Extension Lite Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Food for dogs is made from highly digestible recipe to meet the miminum nutritional requirements of overweight, spayed, neutered or senior dogs; this food is the the best legume-free dog food for an older dog. This recipe contains fresh chicken as the primary ingredient, a lean source of protein, supplemented by chicken meal as a concentrated source of lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates like brown rice and oatmeal with supplemental fiber from flaxseed and dried beet pulp.

It is further supplemented with a rich blend of omega fatty acids for skin and coat support with bone and joint-supporting nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, and essential vitamins and minerals as well as dried fermentation products for probiotic support. The Health Extension Lite Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is rich in protein at 24% with just 9% fat and 288 calories per cup, making it a best food choice for dogs that need to lose weight or to maintain a particular weight.    .

Nutritional Requirements and Ingredients For Dog Food Without Peas And Legumes

Unlike cats, Dogs are not obligate carnivores. Dogs require foods that contain all essential elements like carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. Protein, being the most required of all nutrients, plays an important role in dog diet and nutrition. Protein is made up of amino acids; it aids in developing strong muscles, repair of worn-out tissues and rapid growth.

Protein is most biologically valuable when it comes from animal sources like meat, poultry, and fish. Carbohydrate supplies energy needed by the dog for action, minerals and vitamins help in metabolic activities and prevention of some certain diseases and infection.  You should always keep your dog’s unique nutritional needs and dietary preferences in mind when choosing a safe and healthy diet for your dog.

#1. Protein:

 Adult dogs require a minimum of 18% crude protein (CP) in their diet, and puppies need at least 22% CP. The best protein source for dog food is the animal source; such as meat, poultry, and fish, etc. they are are the most biologically valuable for your dog.

#2. Digestible carbohydrates.

Dogs require digestible carbohydrates; such carbohydrate comes with less fibre. Most dogs can digest and utilize whole-grains properly, dog food recipe that contains nutritious composition like whole-grain brown rice, oatmeal, or pearled barley are most desired. If you keep a dog that cannot digest grains properly, then alternative sources of carbohydrate like tapioca and starchy veggies, not legumes or peas, are desired.

#3. Beneficial supplements.

The best food for dog is that food that contains adequate supplement to ensure nutritional balance. Dogs need a balance of certain vitamins and minerals in their diet, these nutrients are required in small quantities, they is the reason why they must be present in any dog food. Most commercial foods contain synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements. Chelated minerals are the best for dogs because they are bound to protein molecules to increase absorption. The inclusion of Omega fatty acids and other supplements such as glucosamine & chondroitin, L-carnitine, and DHA and EPA are also very important in a dog food. They all contribute greatly to the overall growth of dogs.

#4.  Balanced nutrition.

A balanced nutrition is the best you can offer your dogs for good growth and rapid development. Ensure you look out for statement of nutritional composition in the dog food to understand the composition of the food and be sure the product is formulated to meet the dog’s minimum nutritional requirements for better digestion and absorption. However, the nutritional statement does not guarantee quality; this is why you should focus on the ingredients list to make sure the product you are buying is a good one.

With the list of high-quality dog food without peas, legumes, lentils, and potatoes, it should be easy to find a dog food that will meet your dog’s minimum nutritional needs. Even if your dog has skin or food allergies, these are even grain-free dog food that are perfect for such conditions. Depending on the results of the FDA’s investigation into grain free dog foods and what, if any, link there might be to taurine and dilated cardiomyopathy, we could see a lot of changes in dog food ingredients in the future.

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