How To Use Coconut Oil For Frizzy Hair Home Remedy

The health of the hair is very important to an individual physical appearance. I am sure you would not want to appear weird; if yes, then the health of your hair must be a major priority. While the hair has its natural look, in texture and structure, other conditions may change the natural look of the air to other conditions, example is having frizzy hair.  

Humid weather leads to dry hair which in turn leads to rough cuticles and then the hair swells and freezes because it is dry and lacks moisture. Frizzy hair appears unattractive and needs good attention. Here is the home remedy for frizzy hair using coconut oil.

The cuticle layers should naturally lie flat but when damaged or exposed to moisture which is definitely what happens during humid weather, they become opened up. Frizz, on the other hand, is a result of a lack of moisture in the hair which worsens if the weather is humid. This is because the hair seeks moisture from the air around it.

Causes of Frizzy Hair

Apart from the weather and lack of moisture in the hair, other factors that lead to frizzy hair, and are discussed below.

#1. Using Hot Water to Shower or Wash Hair

Using very hot water while bathing or taking a shower might seem pleasurable for the moment but in the real sense, it does more harm than good not only to the hair but also to the skin and scalp. This is because hot water removes the natural oils produced by the body which is very much needed by the hair to keep them moisturized and in good condition. So turn down the temperature of your water before taking a shower and preserve those precious oils your hair and body so desperately need and watch as the frizz of your hair reduces and you will be glad you did so.

#2. Using Hot Styling Tools on Hair

It is quite unfortunate to say that many people depend on hot styling tools such as hot air hair dryers, tongs, and hair curlers daily for their hair maintenance. But the bad news for them is that these hot hair tools heat the hair and make it dry because the natural moisture and oils therein have been taken away or reduced drastically causing severe damage to the hair. The best solution is to stay totally away from such hair equipment mentioned earlier or better still reducing their usage to the barest minimum. If heat on the hair cannot be avoided, ensure that a heat protection product for hair is applied first, and then set the equipment to the lowest temperature.

#3. Daily Washing of The Hair

Not all shampoos are of the best quality to be used on the hair. Some contain chemical compositions that deteriorate the quality of the air and leaves it in very bad conditions because they ruin the hair’s natural equilibrium of natural oils and result in dry frizzy dull hair. Resist the urge of using shampoo daily on your hair or even washing the hair every day. Make a schedule of washing your hair just two to three times in a week and that’s even depending on your hair type. Hydrating shampoo or conditioner are great choices to use for frizzy hair because the extra moisture provided by these products makes each strand of hair cuticle making it less likely to frizz.

#4. Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is one of the surest ways to know one is on the way to getting frizzed hair. Damaged hair is easily identified when hair becomes brittle or begins to have split ends. A fact is also that, the longer the splot ends are in or on the hair, the higher the chances of damaged hair getting to the top of the hair strands and causing even more and worse damage to the entire hair. If you suffer from split hair ends, ensure to cut your hair every six to eight weeks to maintain a good hair routine, and use hair serum regularly to keep hair in its best condition.

#5. Using Rough Towels to Dry Hair

One might feel wrapping hair up in an abrasive bath towel is a very great idea. But the truth is that this draws moisture out of the hair quickly, thereby leading to frizz. Curly hair even gets the worst effects at this point because it causes friction which makes the curly hair clump giving off deformed coils. The solution to this is to always use a microfiber towel when drying the hair because it helps with frizz control and reduces damages done to hair by wrong drying methods.

How Coconut Oil Helps Tame Frizzy Damaged Hair

Apart from the above-mentioned problems and their possible solutions, it is not impossible to say that frizzy hair might still be an occurrence for some individuals. The weather is one factor that can never be controlled, thus, when it gets humid and humidity gets high, and going to the saloon isn’t an option that can be made, applying coconut oil to the hair in generous amounts could be the perfect solution for the moment although it should not be taken as a permanent solution.

Coconut oil helps in making the cuticles on your split end smooth. This will prevent the hair from looking frayed at the tips. Apart from that, it tames frizzed hair causes by uncontrollable humid weather not just on the split ends of the hair, a bit on the whole hair. It is great for replenishing moisture for hair and additional help to the work done by the natural oils secreted by the hair and body to keep hair looking in good condition.

To apply coconut oil for treatment of frizzy hair, take a small amount of the oil between the pads of your fingers. Next, run those fingers through specific areas of the hair that are frizzy to make the hair look polished and smooth. Frizz fighting serum oils that contain coconut oil could also be used alternatively for hair nourishment and to strengthen it.

Although some might feel that applying coconut oil directly to the hair will make the hair greasy and heavy thereby having no good effects on frizzy hair, it is good to note that such thoughts are far from being the truth. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which give this oil the ability to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft than any other substance, providing need moisture for dry hair and preventing split ends on hair cuticles. This helps along sides its natural Hydrating qualities to strengthen the hair, smoothen it as well as cleanse it.

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