As a farmer, increase in production is your main aim. However, all crops have natural season; which is known as the planting season. This is when all crops can be grown at ease, without much ado. However, this season is not economically feasible for farming profession; crops have to the readily available throughout the year.

There is always bumper harvest of crops during the rainy season as the prevailing conditions are favorable to plant growth. During this period, the prices of agricultural commodities are very low and the market is very competitive. Such market is not always favorable for large scale commercial farmers, they make little or no profit during this period.
To make money as a farmer, you need plant all through the year with irrigation facility; in the absence of this, a farmer’s production is restricted to the conventional planting period, the rainy season. There are some crops that cannot be planted once the planting season is off, unless the farmer has irrigation facility to supply water for the plants, these plants are:
  • Leafy Vegetables: Vegetables are succulent crops that require a lot of water to grow; vegetable, of any type, cannot be planted during dry season unless there is irrigation facility in place. These crops are succulent in nature, thus, require water for germination.
  • Maize: Do not make the mistake, planting maize now is a foul play; do not attempt it. However, with irrigation in place, you can plant maize anytime.

  • Cucumber: This is another crop that requires a lot of water, do not plant now unless you have irrigation.

  • Watermelon: This is obvious, do not attempt it now. It requires water.
All the above and others  cannot be planted now, unless you have irrigation in place. With irrigation, you can plant anytime; any day.

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