Honey, we know, is an essential commodity; it is very medicinal and nutritious in nature. Honey is a first aid substance, believed to cure any disease, provided the honey is a genuine and unadulterated honey. The processes involved in harvest honey is very herculean, this is why you find only few farmers in this professional line.

The hardest challenge peculiar to honey production is its genuineness. It is very difficult to get an unadulterated honey. People often add other additives to honey to enhance its quantity; in this process, the quality is greatly distorted. This make it unfit for some users.  There are different ways to know an original and unadulterated honey.
However, there is a particular test people are skeptical about its efficacy. This is testing the quality of honey using ants. Ordinarily, you would think honey attracts ants by the virtue of its sweetening property. Some school of thoughts deduced that a real honey is an insect and ant repellent. This assertion is quite controversial as it looks unreal.
Honey is a sweetener and anything of this property attracts insects and ants. However, pure honey repels ants and insect. Only adulterated honey attracts insects and ants. Practically, I tested it and I found that pure honey is an ant repellent.
I placed a bottle of pure honey on a platform, waiting for insects and ants to invade it in few minutes. Surprisingly, not even a single ant was noticed around it. To further my research, I uncovered the bottle; thinking probably, with that, the ants would penetrate easily. But, all these approaches fell through as the honey was untouched; not even a single ant was sighted.
Conclusively, pure honey is an insect or ant repellent. This is another orthodox way to know a good honey without much ado.

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