29 Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer In Full Sun

Neighbors and other gardeners alike usually admire a beautiful garden filled with blooming and beautiful flowers. It is a very pleasant sight to see and provides some sort of calm and relaxed feeling to the onlooker. Their amazing scents and fragrances alone could make one wish to stay there for a long time.

But there are different kinds of flowers to be planted in different seasons depending on the level of heat they require to grow properly or the moisture content needed. In order not to let all the effort put into planting go to waste, since some flowers planted at the wrong time might not bloom, it is advisable to check with a horticulturist in your area or check online for plants that grow in that particular season in your zone or area.

Below are some plants best suited for the summer in many areas:

#1. Yarrow

Yarrow is dainty flowers that always carry elegance wherever they might be. It requires well-drained soil with enough sunlight for best growth performance but can also manage to grow under shades.

#2. Foxgloves

The height of these flowers always leaves onlookers stunned. It can get up to a height of 6 feet and bloom very early in the summer. They also come in different colors ranging from pink to white.

#3. Carnations

Carnations are flowers used to indicate love and are a symbol of distinction. They are also well known for their varieties which have different colors. Some can even grow up to 25 inches while others are between 9 to 12 inches.

#4. Hibiscus Flowers

These vibrant, trumpet-shaped blooms also come in a variety of beautiful and captivating colors. With their ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies which act as pollinators and produce more flowers, these flower needs a lot of water and adequate fertilizer while blooming.

#5. Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are very beautiful flowers and are known for their enticing fragrance and super big flowers. They are also easy to maintain and require adequate sunlight and moist soil.

#6. Gladiolus

This well-known summer flower requires a well-watered, moderate amount of moisture, and plenty of sunlight to flourish. Note that wind can be harmful to certain tall varieties.

#7. Rudbeckia

Not all varieties of Rudbeckia bloom in summer but for those that do bloom in summer, they give a very amazing sight to see. These flowers are also very easy to grow and maintain and do well with adequate sunlight and well-drained soil.

#8. Begonias

Begonias have over 1,000 species all different in their shapes, size, and colors. The best soil suitable for their growth is wet moist soil with enough humidity and partial shade.

#9. Amaranthus

Also referred to as amaranth, the height of this flower ranges from 18 inches to 6 feet tall in different colors such as red, orange, gold, green, and purple. This annual flower does not tolerate wet soil, shade, or transplanting well.

#10. Canna Lilies

These tropical-looking blooms are best suited for lush foliage and color later in the season.  They yield intense blooms in the summer and are annuals in cool regions but perennials in warmer regions.

#11. Cleome Spinosa

This flower grows to 3 to 5 feet and is found in hues like rose, pink, purple, and white. It is easily grown from seed and self-sows for future summers.

#12. Lily of the Nile

#13. Known as the blue lily by some or African lily by others, Agapanthus praecox which is its botanical name has been discovered to require either full sun or partial shade flower and also need deep watering.

#14. Wheat Celosia

Wheat celosia has the ability to grow as high as  2 to 4 feet. It is also seen in colors as red, pink, or purple. They have feathery blooms which make for great flower arrangements. For the best growing results, it is important not to plant this flower in cold soil and shade.

#15. Garden Cosmos

This is a full-sun perennial growing up to 2 to 5 feet high with blooms in crimson, pink, and white. This flower does not tolerate rich soil because planting in rich soils leads to fewer flowers during summer.

#16. Sulfur Cosmos

Also a full-sun, but an annual. Sulfur cosmos is found in a variety of beautiful colors such as scarlet, orange, and yellow. It is also easy to grow from seed in poorer soils and often self-sows, meaning reduced work for the next year. Stalks are known to attain a height of 1-4 feet high.

#17. California Poppies

This flower with the botanical name Eschscholzia californica has a height range of 6 to 15 inches and comes in red, pink, orange, yellow, and cream colors. It only grows best if it is directly sown and does not take transplanting well. It also does not do well in rich wet soil.

#18. Lantana

This flower is annual and is as tough as nails. Its variety of colors include bright pink, yellow, purple, and pink or a combination of sunny colors. They require full sun to grow, have the ability to tolerate heat and drought, and is loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. In warm climates, lantana may survive winter and become a small shrub.

#19. Portulaca Flowers

Also known as moss rose, this low-growing succulent annual flower comes in jewel-tone blooms all summer long. It is tolerant to both heat and drought tolerant due to the presence of fleshy leaves and also requires adequate sunlight for growth.

#20. Salvia

The Salvia is a flowing plant with so many varieties of colors with amazing fragrances that attract pollinators to it. It requires sunlight for its growth which makes it noticeable and bloom in the summer since it loves to absorb the heat of the summer.

#21. Caladium

Caladiums are adored for their lovely pink and green heart-shaped leaves. They can be equally captivating in either landscape or containers such as flower but requires shade for growth.

#22. Lavender

Lavender is a romantic and beautiful flower that easily fits in any garden setting with its attractive silvery foliage appearing even before the fragrant purple spikes begin to show. It also requires an abundance of sunlight for growth.

#23. Fan flower

This low-growing annual has shades of pink, purple, and white is a sight to behold when seen tumbling over the edges of pots and window boxes. Fanflow blooms all summer with enough sunlight.

#24. Ranunculus

Ranunculus has a very similar resemblance to roses and peonies and is considered different things in different regions. In the warmer region, this beautiful flower is seen as a perennial plant, while in colder regions they are seen as annual plants. They are also planted in the spring to ensure they bloom all through the summer.

#25. Marigold

Marigolds are one of the oldest forms of flowers known to mankind. They are favorites of many gardeners because they are very difficult to get rid of. This has given them very special popularity among flower lovers and growers. The resistance of this annual and hardy plant to heat and even frost as well makes it capable of blooming throughout all the seasons.

#26. Succulent

These are flowers that have a great tolerance to heat and drought which makes them very adaptable for the summer season. They come in amazing shapes and sizes of different forms but are very small flowers usually grown for fun and their uniqueness.

#27. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are also known as Mums are one species of flowers that are available in any color that could be thought of or imagined. If planted in the fall, they would bloom only for that period but will not have time to establish their roots before fall arrives. But when these gorgeous flowers are planted in spring, it gives enough time for their roots to develop and grow and then they reappear themselves the next year which makes them very special.

#28. Shrub Rose

Shrub roses are a very hardy set of flowers that bloom so beautifully in the summer. They are used for beautifying landscapes, thus earning them the name, landscape roses. Shrub roses also come in a variety of colors and keep blooming steadily until the first frost begins.

#29. Zinnia

These attractive flowers that attract different forms of pollinators keep blooming until frost begins. It has a series of varieties some of which are known for being very brightly colored and having sturdy stems and great blooms during summer which makes gardeners and farmers choose to plant them.

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