How Much Do Black Angus Cows Sell For: Heifers & Calves

Black Angus cows are a type of cattle that are prized for their meat. They’re also known for their ability to produce high-quality milk, which makes them a good choice for dairy farmers.

The average price of Black Angus cows is dependent on a number of factors, including age, condition, and breed quality. If you’re thinking about raising Black Angus cows, here’s what you need to know about how much they sell for.

How Much Do Black Angus Cows Sell For

About Black Angus: Appearance and Personality

Black Angus Cows are a heritage breed of beef cattle that originated in Scotland. They have been bred to produce meat with the highest possible quality and taste. They are known for their black coat, red coloration around the neck, and white hair on their lower legs and faces.

One of the main reasons why people raise Black Angus cattle is because they produce high-quality beef. Black Angus Cows are known for their marbling, which makes them very popular among meat-eaters. Their meat is prized for its tenderness and flavor. They are leaner than other breeds of cattle and have less fat, making them an ideal option if you want to raise healthy beef that has a less fat content.

Black Angus cows are usually born black, but their coat can change over time as the animals get older. The color of an adult Black Angus cow’s coat will depend on the amount of sunlight they receive during their life—if they’re raised outside, their coats will become lighter.

In addition to being delicious, Black Angus Cows are also known for their hardy nature and ability to thrive on pasture or grass-based diets. They can be raised throughout the year without any supplemental feeding, which makes them an ideal choice for sustainable farming practices. They’re also known for their ability to produce calves that are easy to raise from birth and have good growth rates.

The Black Angus is well adapted to cold weather and can handle harsh environments better than other breeds. It has also been found to be more resistant to disease than other breeds of cattle. It is not surprising that they have become so popular in North America since they are able to thrive on poor-quality pastures or feed sources such as corn silage or haylage that might not be suitable for other types of cattle like Herefords or Charolais.

In addition to being a hardy breed that produces excellent quality beef, Black Angus cows also adapt well to modern farming practices such as rotational grazing systems where animals are moved from one paddock into another every few days or weeks depending on weather conditions and available feed resources within each paddock.

How Much Does A Black Angus Cow Cost?

The cost of a Black Angus Cow will depend on a number of factors. The age, gender, and size of the cow will all play a role in how much it costs to buy. For example, an open Angus heifer calf can start at around $1,400 but can go up to as much as $1,800. A full-grown Angus cow will cost between $2,400 and $3,200.

What’s A Black Angus Calf Worth?

Black Angus calf values are based on a number of factors, including age and size. A calf that is 4-6 months old will cost between $35 and $50. However, these calves have a higher mortality rate, with half of them dying within their first year.

A yearly cow that is 4-6 months old is more stable and will cost more. An older calf will cost more based on weight. A dairy yearly can cost as little as $450 – $600 for a calf.

Extra Costs Associated with A Black Angus Cow

Owning a Black Angus cow is a great way to get more out of your land and help the environment.  However, there are some additional costs associated with livestock ownership that you should be aware of before you make the decision to purchase a cow.

The first and most obvious cost is the feed. A 1,400-pound cow, on average, will eat about 40 pounds of feed daily. This will depend on how much grass they’re eating and how much grain you give them. Feed costs vary but can be as low as $1 per day for a younger animal and up to $6 per day for an older one who eats more grain than grass.

Aside from the feed, you also need to factor in water, pen cleaning costs, and any overhead if you were to have more than 20 cows on your property (which is often recommended). Vet visits, as with any animals, will need to be factored in as well; these can range from $50-100 per visit depending on what’s wrong with your cow. Insurance and breeding expenses, if need be, will also need to be considered when all expenses are factored in—the total costs could be close to $700+ per year.

To Recap,

The price of a black Angus cow depends on a few factors. The most important of these is the age and breed of the cow. Younger animals tend to be more expensive than older ones, and those bred for meat production are usually more expensive than those bred for milk production.

Another factor that affects the price of a black Angus cow is its conformation, how well it conforms to its breed standard. This can affect both the quality of its meat as well as its ability to produce milk or calves, so it’s important that potential buyers look closely at this aspect before they purchase any cows.

Finally, there are some environmental factors that can affect prices as well, the condition of the pasture where the cattle graze can affect their growth rate and health, while weather conditions during the calving season can impact how many calves are born each year and thus how many people need to buy cows in order to keep their herds at full strength.

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