How Much Does A Hereford Cow Cost & Where To Buy

Before you can start your own cattle ranch, you need to know how much a Hereford cow costs. The cost of a Hereford cow may vary depending on where you live, what breeders are available in your area, and whether or not you want to purchase the animal already pregnant.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how much a Hereford cow costs and provide tips for finding a good deal on your new cow.

Characteristics & Appearance of A Hereford Cow

Hereford Cow

The Hereford cow is a breed of cattle that originated in Herefordshire, England. Their horns are short, often curved back toward their head. Their coat is short, thick, shiny, and red or white in color. They also have a long muzzles and a white face. The Hereford cow is a strong and muscular animal with a deep chest and large back legs. The cows are generally large in size.

Hereford cows have many characteristics that make them an attractive option for farmers, including their ability to produce high-quality meat and their resilience when it comes to disease. Hereford cows are also known for their ability to thrive in almost any climate. Herefords have a large body frame and a thick coat of hair, which helps them keep warm during cold months and cool when temperatures rise.

The Hereford cow is known for having exceptional mothering instincts. If a calf loses its mother at birth or after birth, the Hereford cow will take over as its surrogate mom until another one can be found (or until the calf grows up enough to survive on its own).

Their docile temperament and ability to produce lean, tender meat makes them a favorite among farmers and ranchers. Hereford cows are also known for their hardiness and longevity, as well as their ability to adapt to a variety of environments.

The Hereford cow is known for its high-quality meat production, as well as its ability to produce milk on a regular basis. Herefords have long horns that curve outward from their heads toward the side of their necks.

How Much Does A Hereford Cow Cost

The cost of a Hereford cow depends on several factors, such as age and breed quality. More mature cows will be more expensive than younger ones because they have more time to develop their muscle mass and produce offspring.

A Hereford cow will cost you about $800 to $1500. If you’re looking for a young heifer, expect to pay around $800. For an adult cow, the price will be about $1500. If you want a purebred Hereford cow, they can cost upwards of $3,000 or more depending on their pedigree and whether or not they have any show titles associated with them (which signifies how good their conformation is).

If you are buying a non-registered Hereford, then the price will be lower than if you buy one with papers. This is because there is more value placed on registered animals than on non-registered ones.

How Big Does Hereford Cow Get

The size of the Hereford cow is dependent on the age, gender, activity level, and diet. A full-grown Hereford cow typically weighs between 1,400 and 1,600 pounds and stands about five feet tall at the shoulder. The Hereford cow can live up to 20 years.

Where To Buy Hereford Cow

If you are looking for a Hereford cow, there are several places you can purchase them. You can find them at livestock auctions and from breeders that specialize in selling cows. You can also buy them from private sellers or through classified ads.

Livestock auctions are a great place to find Hereford cows because they usually have hundreds of different breeds available at any given time. The limitation here is, you may not get the exact type or age of cow you desire.

Breeders specializing in selling cows tend to have more control over their inventory and often specialize in raising certain types of animals such as Hereford cows. This means they’re likely to have fewer but higher quality animals on hand at any given time than livestock auctions do.

Private sellers or classified ads are another option for finding Hereford cows but may not give you access to as many options as either of the other two options listed above do. Below is a list of platforms where you can buy Hereford cows.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the costs of raising a Hereford cow. A Hereford cow is a wonderful addition to your farm, and they’ll give you great milk and meat. Make sure to do your research and find out if the breed is good for you. If you want to learn more about raising cattle, check out our article on what to feed a cow.

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