How To Determine The Sexes Of Chicks By The Shape Of The Eggs

sexing day old chicks


Are you wary about the sexes of your hatched chicks?

This is another innovation I found imperative to share for all poultry farmers across the globe. Chicks are gotten from various hatcheries and at times their sexes are obscure for a few periods, usually during the brooding period. The sexes of day-old chicks are very important as they aid production purpose.

For meat production, a male chick is preferred to a female one, however, the sex of a chick is quite hard to determine after hatching. In most cases, hatcheries sell a mixture of both male and female chicks; though there are sex detector machines; they are not as effective as desired.

With this method am about to reveal, you can determine the sexes of the chicks you are about to hatch. With close observation, the shape of an egg has been proven to be very effective in determining the sexes of day old chicks.

Eggs come in two basic shapes; some are pointed while others are oval in shape.  A statistically significant number of eggs with pointed shape hatch into male chicks and the oval-shaped eggs hatch into female chicks. This is an established fact as it has been proven true over time.


Pointed egg (Male)


Oval shaped egg (Female)

This discovery will aid hatching operation as farmers can now predetermine the sexes of the chicks before hatching. Also, poultry farmers will be sure of the sexes of the newly hatched chicks they are about to book from the hatchery. If you are still in doubt, you can give it a trial and see your results; endeavor to share your opinion here to benefit others.

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