How To Get Rid Of Wall Gecko Permanently

A wall gecko is a small lizard that can grow to about 2 inches in length. Their coloration can range from brown to bright green, and they have large eyes and are very fast-moving. Wall geckos are nocturnal, so you will rarely see them during the day. They prefer to live outdoors, but if there is one found in your home, it likely got in by accident through an open door or window.

Wall geckos are known to reside in the walls and ceilings of buildings, so it can be difficult to get rid of them. While they are not dangerous or destructive, they have a tendency to occupy the same space as humans and this can be disconcerting. But don’t worry! With a little planning, it’s possible to get rid of wall geckos permanently.

While wall geckos are not dangerous to humans or pets, they can be bothersome—especially when they’re living in your home! In this article we’ll discuss how to get rid of wall geckos permanently.

How To Get Rid Of Wall Gecko Permanently

Are you frustrated with your wall gecko? If so, you are not alone. These creatures can be very annoying and get into your house. But how can you get rid of them permanently? Here are some tips for you to use. You can use Eggshells, Pepper spray, Onion slices, or even Garlic to kill them. Once you find a way to eliminate them completely, they will be gone forever!


One of the easiest ways to get rid of wall geckos is to place eggshells in the kitchen and pantry. The idea is that wall geckos mistake them for predators. Eggshells are naturally repellent to geckos, but if you want a more permanent solution, you can also use mothballs and garlic. These repellents can be sprayed on a cloth or placed in dark corners of the home. Alternatively, you can put naphthalene balls in each cabinet, drawer, and corner of your house. These chemicals will cause the geckos to flee.

You can also use onion slices. This method will irritate the geckos’ sense of smell and taste. By leaving them in a warm place, onion slices will also chase away the geckos. The trick is to place the eggshells carefully, not crushing them. If done correctly, this can give you a sense of peace. You can try this method every few weeks to get rid of wall geckos.

Pepper spray

If you are struggling to get rid of a wall gecko, pepper spray may be the solution you’re looking for. Simply mix pepper spray with water and saturate the area where geckos congregate. They cannot stand the odor of pepper spray, so the pepper spray will send them running. A good substitute for pepper spray is tobacco sauce or cayenne pepper. Either way, it’s sure to scare them away.

Another effective way to exterminate a wall gecko is to use eggshells as a barrier. Make sure you don’t squash the eggshells – they will perceive it as a predator and move on. Keep the eggshells in designated areas of the house for three to four weeks to ensure that they don’t become decontaminated. Alternatively, you can use mothballs, which are small balls of chemical pesticides that can be placed inside furniture and clothing to keep them out.

Onion slices

You may be wondering how to get rid of wall geckos in your home. The good news is that there are a few simple ways to do this. One of these is by placing onion slices on warm places where geckos may hide. This can be quite effective because the slices irritate geckos. Another way is by using mothballs, which will scare geckos away. You can place these near the entrance of the house. Another effective way is to use eggshells. Place these in areas where geckos tend to hide and try to keep away from them.

You can also place onion slices around the house. The sulfur in onions is highly irritating to lizards, and therefore, they will flee when exposed to onion slices. This method can be used for a long time, since it is safe for you and your pets. But make sure you keep the onions positioned in areas where the lizards are likely to be. Alternatively, you can mix onion juice with water and spray the walls around the house with this mixture.


Using a solution like garlic and salt is a great way to kill your critter. You can sprinkle the mixture around walls and dark areas that are frequented by geckos. You can also place garlic gloves and eggshells in strategic places to scare the critters away. Garlic is a strong smell for geckos and they will be scared away by the aroma.

In order to make sure that you get rid of your problem, you must first find out where your geckos are getting in. Geckos prefer to live in water so remove all sources of water. Avoid placing garbage cans or recyclable materials near your home. Moreover, never leave water glasses lying around for a long time. Always make sure there is no stagnant water around. It is also helpful to spray mothballs in areas where you’ve seen geckos.


Wondercide for getting rid of wall geckos is a safe and effective all-natural insecticide that will get rid of your gecko infestation. The product is formulated with natural ingredients, making it safe to use around children and pets, as well as areas where you prepare food. It also is a mild toxicity to humans, so you can feel good about using it around your home.

One way to scare off a gecko is to set up a special area outside your home. A gecko can be easily seen crawling up the walls, and you can place sugar water or honey jars on these areas. While geckos are beneficial for controlling insect populations, you should avoid letting them live inside your home if possible. Make sure you read the product label to know what to avoid and what precautions you should take when spraying insecticides.


There are a few simple methods to rid your home of geckos. The first method involves fumigation. The pesticide is applied to the area where geckos are living. If you’re dealing with a single gecko, you can use insect killers and declutter your luggage. If you’ve had geckos living in your house for a long time, you can try keeping them out of your kitchen by removing their favorite hiding places.

The best way to get rid of geckos is to first eliminate the source of their presence. A good way to do this is to keep your kitchen and dining areas clean. This includes wiping off plates after meals. Another effective way to get rid of geckos is to spray vinegar around windows and door frames. The scent of vinegar will deter geckos. You can also keep geckos away by keeping your outdoor lighting dim. Lastly, you can install a sprinkler system in your home to keep them out. Cold water is not a favorite of geckos, so make sure you clean up your dishes after meals.


One way to permanently get rid of wall geckos is to install birdbaths in your yard. While geckos are not toxic, they can bite hard enough to require stitches. Additionally, their droppings can contain fungi, making them a potential health risk. By installing a birdbath, you can provide a safe, moist environment for your pet to live in.

Predators often wait near birdbaths and watering stations to prey on their prey. These predators are much less wary of birds while bathing, so they can strike while the birds are at their most vulnerable. Make sure your birdbath is clean before placing it in your yard. To disinfect your birdbath, use a weak bleach solution and allow it to air dry before refilling it.

Garlic cloves

You can use garlic to repel a wall gecko, and the strong smell of garlic can be quite intimidating to the tiny creatures. However, you can try various ways to repel a gecko, including placing garlic cloves in areas where they frequently congregate, using eggshells, and using cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce to repel them. You may also make your own pepper spray.

One of the best ways to repel geckos is to place pieces of eggshells in areas where they frequent, like in picture frames. This trick is effective because geckos often mistakenly think that eggshells are predators, and will not approach them. It can be particularly effective if the gecko is hiding in a window or other spot with low-hanging branches.

Placement of garlic cloves

One of the easiest ways to keep geckos away from your home is to place garlic cloves around doors and windows. Garlic has a pungent odor, and it will repel geckos, which is why it works so well as a barrier around windows and doors. It is also effective for outdoor use and can be placed in any area of your home, including the backyard.

Aside from this method, you should also keep a few eggshells around your home. This is a good way to scare off geckos because they tend to live in picture frames. Place them in a secure area so that children and pets cannot reach them. Placements of garlic cloves are also effective at keeping geckos away from the house for a while.

Placement of garlic cloves in the entryway

If you want to get rid of a wall gecko permanently, you need to use some effective repellents. Garlic is one of these repellents, as it is extremely unpleasant for humans to smell. You can place garlic cloves in the entryway to discourage them from coming in. You can also put onions and garlic on the light bulb housing, which is a common spot for geckos to hang out.

Besides the above repellents, you can also use garlic. You can place garlic cloves near the air conditioning system, which is another perfect spot for geckos. This way, you will be sure to get rid of a gecko permanently. It will stay away from your entryway, but be careful not to burn your house, as the garlic smells very strong.

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