How To Make A Quality Agricultural Research  Paper

India’s most important occupation is agriculture. Two-thirds of India’s population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. It is more than just a livelihood. It is the principal source of fuel, food, and fodder. It is the cornerstone of economic growth. Agriculture is the largest contributor to national income.

“Agriculture should be the first priority, because of the Govt. Both the nation and agriculture would not succeed without it.”

Literally speaking of help with paper or writing a research paper we need to understand that agriculture means the production and care of livestock on a farm. Agriculture can be described as the cultivation and maintenance of crops. Agriculture, in Economics, refers to the cultivation of crops alongside animal husbandry such as poultry, dairy farming and fishing, and even forestry.

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Agriculture is vital not only for its economic value but also because it has a profound influence on our political, cultural, and social lives. Jawahar Lal Nehru put it this way: “Agriculture was a top priority because of the Govt. Without success in agriculture, both the nation as a whole and India would not succeed.”

The following points illustrate the importance of agriculture:

National Income

24% of national income comes from agriculture, forests, or other primary activities. In 1950-1951, 59% of national income came from agriculture. In 2004-05 it was 24.4%. The contribution of agriculture to national income is significant. While agriculture is well-developed in rich countries, it contributes very little. Agriculture contributes only 2 percent to the USA. India was the second least developed country in the world, with 27% of its agricultural contribution being national income. All of these statistical data are essential for making high-quality research papers.

Food source:

Agriculture provides food for the Nation. In 1947, food was scarce. But since 1969, our nation has been able to grow its own food. In 2003-04 rice production reached 870 lakh tonnes and 721 lakh tonnes of wheat.

Industrial Development:

In industrial development, agriculture plays an active role. It is a vital source of raw materials for many industries including textiles, cotton, sugar, and vegetables as well as oil and tinned food, Cigarettes, rubber, etc.

Quelles of Revenue

Revenues from land, excise duties on agro-based goods, and taxes on agricultural machinery production and sales are part of the sources of Govt. Revenue.

Foreign trade source:

Agriculture is also a part of foreign trade. We export tea and tobacco, as well as spices, coffee and other products. Other agricultural exports include cotton and textiles as well as sugar and jute goods. So, 70% is agricultural exports.


Transport is necessary for the transportation of food grains from farms, to consumers, as well as agricultural raw materials, to markets or factories. Transport is needed to transport chemical fertilizers such as seeds, diesel, and agricultural machinery from markets and factories into villages and farms.

Quelle de conservation

The Green Revolution greatly increased agricultural production, making farmers wealthy. The extra income from these farmers can be saved for investment in Banks.

Capital formation

The capital formation can also benefit from agriculture. The surplus income from agriculture can then be invested in other sources, such as banks or shares. The capital formation can be increased by using harvesters or tractors. All of this information is important to make your information quality and

India is the country with the highest production of sugarcane, groundnuts, and sugarcane. It ranks second in the production of staple cotton. It is in third place for tobacco production. Our agricultural universities act as role models for developing nations.


India’s agriculture is not just a source of livelihood, but a way to live. Agriculture influences our customs, festivals, and fairs. The agricultural community is also a part of politics.


Food grains that are produced in sufficient quantities will result in stable prices. This ensures stability in living costs and wages. Price levels are affected by agriculture. Increased production of agriculture helps to maintain stable prices. We need to take it to your term paper too.

Quelle de la main-tenance:

India’s primary occupation is agriculture. The majority of people live within villages. The villages provide a labor force for many sectors such as defense, police, and industry.

Economic development

India is an agricultural state. 71% of the population lives in villages. The majority of these people depend on agriculture. So agriculture’s development is an economic boost. Without agricultural progress, industry, trade, and transport cannot grow. The stability of prices depends also on agricultural growth.

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