Learn the Three Basic Methods of Brooding Chicks.

Poultry and game bird producers realize that chicks must be kept warm or brooded during the first weeks of life. Surprisingly, improper brooding is one of the most common causes of stress in poultry flocks.

Three basic methods are used to brood chicks.
1. The chicks have localized heat source and access to a cooler, unheated area. The chicks
determine their own heating needs by moving from hot to cold areas and vice versa. This
method is known as spot brooding.

2. A large area around the brooders is warmed to the same temperature when whole house
brooding. The chicks have no choice between warm and cool areas.

3. Partial‐house brooding‐‐Partial‐house brooding is much like whole house brooding, since the total brooding area is warmed. To save energy, however, the brooding area is reduced to the minimum amount needed for the size of chicks. As the chicks grow, the brooding area is
increased in accordance to their sizes. Good ventilation is essential with all brooding systems
but especially partial‐house brooding.

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