Piglet Milk Feeder: Description, When To Use, & Prices

Have you ever thought about what you use to feed your piglets and how it works? Feeding by demand is the most efficient means of ensuring that each piglet in a group receives his fair share of milk. Piglets do not overeat if properly fed by demand. This will make for confortable, healthy piglets throughout the lactation period and beyond.

Description of Piglet Milk Feeder

The Piglet Milk Feeder is a one piece design with a translucent, graduated milk level reservoir. An external molded-in tube on the side of the feeder keeps the trough filled only to the top of the tube opening (1/2″ deep) to prevent waste. The feeder operates on a vaccuum system; when piglets drink, air is allowed into the tube and more product flows into the trough. 8 holes provide plenty of feeding space for all piglets in a group.

Piglet Milk feeders are uniquely designed and perfectly suited to provide a steady supply of fresh milk and keep it at the right temperature. By design, the Piglet Milk Feeder is meant to be used with conventional bottles. The concept is based on newborn pigs instinctively rooting for their food as opposed to using their feet to push the nipple out of the way as they grow older. A single Piglet Milk Feeder can be used as a daily food source for up to 3 weeks worth of baby pigs (depending on the size of the piglets).  

The Piglet Milk Feeder has many features which make it superior to other products on the market. These feeders are made of high density durable polyethylene that is non-corrosive, non-rusting and long lasting. The Piglet Milk Feeder can be used in group settings where several litters may be located together in one pen. When it comes to milk supply, the most important factor is the sow. Sows’ milk is the best feed for young piglets. Supporting the sows before and after lactation to produce large amounts of milk to feed the piglets is a very profitable strategy.  

Piglet Milk Feeders are great for piglets from birth to weaning at 5-6 weeks of age. They provide a place for your little ones to feed away from the other pigs. These cost savings milk feeders allow you to feed less milk since each piglet drinks according to its need without waste, saving you money on milk! Each hole holds a 1 oz. plastic bottle cap opening – enough capacity to hold 8 bottles of milk replacer. The gauge on the side of the milk feeder indicates the approximate amount of milk in the reservoir.

How Piglet Milk Feeder Works

Piglet Milk Feeder is a unique device that provides a continuous flow of liquid milk to a feeding trough. The device consists of a translucent, graduated liquid reservoir and a hose connection to the milking unit. Milk is pumped from the storage tank to the Piglet Milk Feeder, where it is stored in a reservoir until piglets begin to drink. As piglets drink, air is drawn into the device and more milk flows out through small vent holes on each side of the reservoir for them to consume. The Piglet Milk Feeder requires no priming and automatically shuts off when air pressure builds up in the system due to new milk added or when all piglets stop drinking and there is plenty of milk left in the reservoir.

Nursing is a natural process for pigs. The nipple size adjusts to the size of piglets’ mouths. Piglets naturally stay at the same level as the nipple, so the height of the Piglet Milk Feeder can be adjusted as piglets grow. Fluid height can be adjusted automatically by air flows into the vacuum tube. With litters of up to 18 live born piglets, even the most prolific milk-producing sow may struggle to provide enough milk to all her piglets. An additional challenge of large litters is the high percentage of piglets weighing only 1-1.4 kg or less at birth.

Piglet Milk Feeders are designed for days when sow can not nurse. They are also useful with bottle babies to eliminate cross contamination, reduce the risk of disease and aid in digestion. The Piglet Milk Feeder can be placed in the farrowing crate or kept in the nursery area for early start when piglets are purchased or when they are returned to litters after weaning. The Piglet Milk Feeder holds up to one gallon of milk replacer, vitamins, minerals or medicated feed.

When the amount of piglets per litter is increased, it is important to ensure that all the piglets get access to enough milk in order to reduce mortality.
Baby Care supplies extra milk, so the piglets can drink both the sow’s milk and the milk powder. It means you avoid having extra nursing sows, and thus reduce the amount of farrowing pens, your production costs and save man-hours.

Milking has always been a tricky operation. The mammary glands of the sow are situated in the inguinal canal, in the armpit region. Whenever she lies down, they are compressed against the body wall, leading to pain and problems with milk flow. Piglet Milk Feeders free the sow from this pressure and allow her to lie down in comfort after giving birth.

Below is a video guide on feeding system for piglets. I found it helpful and it is worthly of sharing!

Credit: ACO Funki

Prices of Piglet Milk Feeder

Piglet Milk Feeder is the best way to feed your growing bottle-fed piglets. No more guesswork. The Piglet Milk Feeder provides accurate, instant measurements of each pig’s exact feeding needs. Portable and easy to use, it helps you maximize your budget and minimize waste. Best prices on a wide range of Piglet Milk Feeder from different ecommerce websites and online. There are enormous range of cheap Piglet Milk Feeder from numerous suppliers. It’s guaranteed to be the best with the lowest price and solid quality.

Piglet Milk Feeder Prices for the Standard, Deluxe and Ultra Piglet Milk Feeders starting from $18.79-$17.05 and $78.00-$65.80. You can buy these Piglet Milk Feeders both online and offline and pay cash on delivery too and get free shipping.

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