6 Characteristics That Make Noiler Chicken Profitable To Rear

Noiler chicken breed is one of the breeds of poultry birds with a great prospect; raising Noiler birds is comparatively cheaper than other chickens.  The demand for animal protein has globally increased. In the last five years, meat consumption has gone up satisfactory; with Noiler chicken breed, the production of animal protein is cheaper and sustainable.

Globally, pork tops the number consumed animal protein but FAO predicts chicken will overthrow pork as the most consumed animal protein by the year 2020. That means that poultry cost is lower and demographic interests seem to fuel the huge demand.

Nigeria is no doubt the giant of Africa. With its massive population, it is no wonder that it is a huge gold mine for agricultural business. Unfortunately, not too many people have seen this opportunity. Many are afraid of theft, diseases and lack of funding and others have just been brainwashed to seek white-collar jobs leaving foreigners to take control of our agricultural sector.

I’ve got good news that will change you. A new breed of bird that is 5 times better than our local bird and 3 times bigger and disease resistant than broiler breed called Noiler birds has been developed.

Poultry production is fast rising in Nigeria as the demand for animal protein by people keep hitting the roof. Small and large scale farmers keep birds for two purposes; meat and egg production. Egg and meat are rich sources of animal protein and can really fight off the problem of malnutrition in Nigeria and Africa. Pullet, broiler, and Cockerel can also supply meat but cannot be compared to Noiler in terms of the time of production.

With Nigeria ever-increasing population, there is a need to fast track the process of poultry production especially egg and meat so as to meet up the demand for protein by the populace. There is an urgent need for a low-cost feed input breed with increased output of egg and meat production. To achieve this, a dual-purpose chicken breed called “Noiler” was bred.

noiler chicken

The Noiler chicken is a dual-purpose breed of chicken developed in Nigeria by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery. The hatchery is Nigeria’s unbeatable producer of Noiler in Nigeria. Plus, a similar chicken breed known as “Kuroiler” is said to have been developed in India and already introduced in Uganda and guess what, the farmers there are rejoicing because of an increase in productivity which translates to MORE CASH!

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Noiler chickens are perfect for rural communities and urban. Plus, can solve the problem of animal food insecurity.

Noilers are suitable for rural communities and smallholder farmers and can address the challenges of animal food insecurity. It can also help to solve problems of financial challenges as Noiler production in Nigeria is very profitable.

Characteristics of Noiler Chicken Breed

  • Appearance: Noilers come in various colours; black, white, yellowish, brown and grey specks, and this makes them beautiful and well-camouflaged. All the same, you should expect to come across some rather ugly Noilers.
  • Growth rate: Noiler rearing is fast becoming very popular because these birds grow really fast. It gets interesting: they grow big and meaty without necessarily eating a lot of store-bought feeds. Even if you let them loose to free-range, This breed will soon convert food to meat and get heavier. Also, noiler feeds can be cheaply sourced; you can feed them kitchen leftovers and edibles like rice, yellow maize, omena, chicken mash, soya, and worms. To make sure their growth rate stays sharp, you need to deworm and vaccinate your the birds on time. By the fourth or fifth month, they attain a weight of three to four kilograms.
  • Noiler meat production – As earlier stated, Noilers produce meatier and sweeter tasting meat in high amounts. They add meat and weight quickly and the farmer doesn’t have to churn out lots of money to ensure it. Another interesting thing to note about rearing Noiler is that they are even more disease resistant than some exotic breeds. Their meat production remains high as long as you take good care of them and feed them properly. In about 12 weeks, noiler chicken will be matured enough for slaughtering- weighs 3.5kg or more at maturity. Noiler cocks have proven to weigh more than this. Compare this to broiler breed that weighs only 2 to 2.5 kg at maturity. Noiler chickens are perfect alternatives. Also, meat is evenly distributed over the chicken’s body parts.
  • Eggs production – Noiler pullets should start laying eggs at five months old (some do this at four months). As soon as they begin their egg-laying session, Noiler layers can lay for a period of two years. Noiler eggs are extremely bigger and with dark-yellow yolk when compared with our local chicken. This yolk color of noiler eggs is associated with good health, explaining why the eggs command a good price in the market.
  • Hatching –If you want to raise new broods, you will face one challenge with the Noiler hen. She doesn’t sit on her eggs so they can hatch. As a result, you will require the service of a local hen, an incubator or buy some readily hatched chicks. If incubated, about eighty percent of fertile noiler eggs will hatch. But, keep in mind that most of the eggs might get stale. Thus, the incubation machine is the ultimate solution.
  • Housing – Noiler birds can either be free-range birds or semi-free range birds. If you have enough land space, the free-range method is almost perfect. However, make sure that you build a fenced chicken run to keep your birds safe. If you have a previous chicken cage that meets the poultry house construction standards, you can keep your birds inside. Otherwise, you should get a special semi free-range rearing system that is suitable for compact spaces.


If you plan to raise Noiler chicken breeds, be completely sure that you can meet its growth conditions. You can order this breed here. Because this breed is less expensive to keep, it can scratch the ground for its own meal and still convert them to extra meat. With the best practices put in place, you will sell the meats and eggs in huge quantities and make tons of cash.



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Author: Agbabiaka AbdulQuadri

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