How To Treat Malaria Naturally Using Neem Fruits

Nature has really been kind to man. There are several creatures created for the betterment of humans. One of such is this fruit.

This fruit is called the Neem fruit, gotten from the Neem plant. Neem plant botanically called, Azadirachta indica, and Dongoyaro in Nigerian parlance is a virtuous plant. It is highly medicinal in nature and used to control both human and plant diseases. All its parts are beneficial to humanity.


How is the neem fruit used for controlling malaria?

treat malaria using neem seeds

Neem fruits are used to treat malaria by licking the mesocarp of the seed; that is, peeling away the yellow covering (exocarp) to expose the inner matter called mesocarp. The mesocarp is juicy and brings a sweetening sensation when licking. It is not bitter; though, the Neem plant tastes bitter in nature. Licking Neem fruits is one of the ways to control malaria. It is called a prophylactic or preventive measure of controlling malaria.

The fruits of Neem plant are tiny rounded seeds that turn yellow when mature. The color of the exocarp is always green but turns yellow when they are ripe. The exocarp loosens when the seed is fully matured; such that, it can easily be expelled by pressing of the seeds with the fingers. Once the color of the exocarp changes from green to yellow, it means the seed is mature and ready for use.


Other uses of Neem tree

Also, research has proven that the leaves of this plant are good pesticide; they are used to control the invasion of pests on a farm. Also, its bark and stem are also used to prepare herbal drugs to control certain diseases and infection.  


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