Wonders In Agriculture: Technology And Creativity

The modern-day agriculture is becoming more lucrative on a daily basis with the wonderful impacts of technology. Now, agriculture is becoming more adventurous, thrilling and stunning; lots of people are joining the train at an alarming rate. You can now practice agriculture with ease; it is now becoming a self-teaching profession where you can now read and coach yourself.

The demand for food increases with the increasing population; the more the people in a society, the higher the demand for food to sustain them. Agriculture is now a global mandate where everyone has to till the soil.
You don’t need sophisticated structure or equipment to get started; this is actually a prominent wonder in agriculture. Several structures can be modified to fit agricultural conditions; you can plant your crop on different platforms, you can as well rear your livestock under modified structures. You just need a framework that suits their condition and you get started. It is as simple as that!

Other economic activities have usurped agricultural lands; the major factor of agriculture is land. The relative unavailability of land for farm purpose is a major limitation in present-day agriculture. However, as humans, we have to move with trends and always think out of the box.

Understanding your crop or animal matters a lot; if you have substantial knowledge about your choice of agriculture, crop or animal, you will not have issues with land or other factors of production. You can simply modify the environment for your crop or animal; this is why you see some people now practice hydroponic farming, which is quite expensive.


See some wonders below…


layers kept in used vehicle
vegetables planted in used trousers


layers in used kegs


sack yam farm

Look at the pictures above; you see vegetables planted in trousers, yam planted in sacks, chicken reared inside a used vehicle, laying birds kept in used kegs.


It is really awesome, isn’t it? You can do much better.     

There is no environmental different in what you see above compare to the conventional farming system, that is, tilling the soil; the above are quite better because you can monitor your produce greatly.  It is environmental compliance and cheap to implement; it can be called urban farming system.

So what is your excuse? You definitely do not have any; make use of local materials, you can make something creative from them.

Inculcate creativity into agriculture; it beautifies it and makes it more presentable. Do not wait till when you have millions before you get your feet wet in agriculture; start by feeding yourself and family, gradually you grow to feed your neighborhood and the world at large if you desire. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.


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