Youtube Channels Every Farmer Should Follow

As a new farmer, learning the ropes on the ins and outs of farming may be challenging to master quickly. But since the introduction of technology in this new era, the task has become easier than you may imagine. There are numerous farming YouTube channels available that give a step-to-step breakdown of every task needed to be performed by a normal day-to-day farmer. There are also various blogs about farming available on the Internet.

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10 Youtube Channels Every Farmer Should Follow:

  1. How Farms Work

It is a YouTube channel whose aim is to enlighten people not brought up in a farming background on what to do and what not to do in farming. They cover crop and beef farms, daily activities, and equipment operation techniques; they provide all this information. They have majored in agricultural business.

2. The Farming Life

It is an informative show on how general operations are conducted on a farm. It is taken from the farmer’s wife’s perspective or point of view. It shows her story and how she lives with her husband and four kids while carrying out the day-to-day tasks on the farm.

3. George Saunders

It is a channel whose main focus is on the machinery part of farming. It gives you tips to follow in using and maintaining farm machinery. For a new Farmer, this information can come in quite handy in the long run. The farmer does this while going on with their routine day-to-day activities on the farm.

4. Farmall Fanatic

It is a channel by crop farmers who are still in the old traditional farming era set up. The farmers still use tractors from back in the day. It is a channel from which you can learn a lot about farming. The farmer also shares details on how they do activities like rear chicken, the occasional hunting, and many other activities.

5. The Natural Farmer

It is a channel showcasing how you can manage your farming using natural means and permaculture principles.

6. The 10 Acre Woods

It is a channel that shows how life is on a petting farm, a non-profit operated by a family. The farm is located in Canada. They shelter stray animals brought to them on a ten-acre piece of land. They also rear a lot of their collection of unique animals and birds.

7. John Suscovich

It is a channel that explores the business aspect of farming. It helps farmers learn ways to keep up with their farm’s key aspects, such as marketing. It does this by providing you with key information through videos, podcasts and other informative ways.

8. My Organic Farm

It is a channel that lets you, the farmer, explore ways in which you can venture into organic farming. It explores the various benefits of organic farming. It is amongst the best farming YouTube channels on the topic. The videos are on how a farmer can effectively manage an organic farm.

9. Farming Photography

It is a channel based in Britain whose main focus is to ensure they catch how man and machine work harmoniously to produce various products from the farm.

10. Goat Farming

 It is a channel that focuses on how goats contribute to farming. It can be very useful to farmers who are wondering how animals can be of help in farming.


Who Is The Most Popular YouTube Farmer?

Millennial Farmer holds the title. It is a family-run farm located in west central –Minnesota. They started this channel due to much misinformation on farming being spread on the internet. They wanted to become a safe place where farmers could go to get various solutions for the problems they experienced while farming. They do this by sharing how they carry out their day-to-day activities on their farm. It gives farmers the chance to get a deeper look at how they operate and discover how they can do this better on their farms.

Who Is The Most Popular Farmer?

An answer is a person who goes by the name Cole the cornstar. He has a channel that showcases how he lives and performs duties on his farm. He also discusses various topics on the problems farmers experience and gives his insight on how these problems can be overcome or avoided.

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